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450NPCA - Find the 250K Effort

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  • bronwynmitchell
    Mar 27, 2012
      NPCA currently has 85,000 of the 250,000 RPCVs and former staff members that we are looking for. We're off to a great start and are determined to find them all! Click on this link to make sure you are counted: http://www.peacecorpsconnect.org/findthe250k/

      Nearly 7,000 stood up to be counted during the 50th Anniversary of the Peace Corps events in Washington, DC this September. But many of you are still looking for lost or hidden former volunteers.

      Let's solve this problem together; using traditional "snail mail" and online technology we can find all 250,000+ RPCVs and former staff. Give the gift of finding RPCVs and staff to the community.

      Use the SHARE buttons on the left side of this page to post to Twitter, Facebook, or send emails to all of your Peace Contacts. Let them know that we are looking for them.

      Imagine a world where the universe of 250,000+ RPCVs and staff members are located in one place and where listings like the old paper directory can be easily searched online. We can do this with your help. NPCA added over 3,900 individuals to the community over the 50th Anniversary year and many of our member groups now have incredible lists. To carry this momentum forward, the NPCA would like to identify an additional 10,000 RPCVs by September 22, 2012 and have all RPCVs identified by 2016.