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444Maryland RPCV Facebook Page

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  • Adam Palmer
    Feb 29, 2012
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      Maryland RPCVs,

      For any RPCV Facebook fans, we have a Maryland RPCV Facebook page that we also communicate with. It's just one more communication tool. Facebook recently migrated our group into a new format and this means that if you were a member in the past, you have to go back in and rejoin our Facebook group. As an administrator, I was able to add a few people to the group, but we went from about 50 down to 11. I just stumbled upon this today when I was posting a message. So, if you use Facebook, feel free to look up our group "Maryland RPCV" and join. 

      Just to clarify, the communication that happens on the Facebook page is the same as you would receive through this yahoo group or Peace Corps Connected group.

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