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Huge FairTax Rally on Sat. June 13

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      Dear FairTax supporter,

      http://www.fairtax.org/site/R?i=xd5ymBZpLjhPImNfSfaWHA.. Our friends in the Show Me State, Missouri, have put together what very well may be the best FairTax rally ever! Call it a national rally that joins forces with Tea Party organizers in order to advance the FairTax. You really don't want to miss this all-day event at the Boone County Fairgrounds in Columbia, Missouri on June 13th.

      So drive or fly on over for this fabulous Saturday event which features so many national figures coming in support of the FairTax. Got Tea Party friends? Tell them too, because part of the day's program features Tea Party national organizers as well as local leaders. We go together just as well as the Stars and Stripes.

      Let's show Washington, D.C. and the entire nation just how excited we are about the FairTax and let's have a very good time while we're at it. That's what this rally is all about. Join us in Columbia, MO on Saturday, June 13 for the Midwest FairTax Rally along with thousands of fellow FairTaxers from across the country.

      RSVP for the Midwest FairTax Rally Now >>

      The Midwest FairTax Rally promises to be a huge, fun, all-day FairTax event with giveaways, music, and, of course, many great FairTax speakers and leaders including:

      Neal Boortz
      Radio host and FairTax book author,
      Neal Boortz
      Rep. John Linder
      FairTax bill Lead-Sponsor,
      Rep. John Linder
      Herman Cain
      Business entrepreneur and radio host,
      Herman Cain
      Leo Linbeck
      FairTax Co-Founder and AFFT Chairman,
      Leo Linbeck
      Joe the Plumber
      FairTax advocate,
      Joe (the Plumber) Wurzelbacher

      To learn more, and to the RSVP for this important rally, please go to http://www.midwestrally.com.

      Seating at the rally will be limited, so be sure to bring a portable chair for the day's events and speakers. Again, thanks for all you do to support the FairTax cause, and I hope to see you in Columbia on June 13.


      Ken Hoagland
      National Director

      p.s. Those who have already volunteered to help at this rally had their names lost in a technical mishap. So sorry. Can you get in touch once again through the link above? Missouri FairTax needs you.
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