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Breaking News on the 16th Repeal Issue

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  • Aaron Schutte
    http://linderfairtax.house.gov/index.cfm?FuseAction=FAQs.View&FAQ_id=21 If the FairTax is enacted, I expect that the Congress and states would promptly begin
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      "If the FairTax is enacted, I expect that the Congress and states would promptly begin consideration of legislation to repeal the Sixteenth Amendment. To make certain that occurs, however, I am in favor of adding language to H.R. 25 during the 110th Congress that includes a sunset provision, meaning that either we succeed in repealing the Sixteenth Amendment within 5 years after the implementation of the FairTax or the FairTax goes away. In my view, we simply cannot risk having both a national income tax and a national sales tax in place at the same time."



      To all:


      I spoke with Rob Woodall this morning and he indicated that the above verbiage had been added to the Linder FairTax website within the past week or so. This issue has been discussed extensively over the past few years and such a tie-in seems the most effective way to counter the old "we’ll end up with both an income and a sales tax" objection. Rob said that the specific mechanics must be worked out first, and that much discussion will have to take place before determining the exact mechanism. However, it is noteworthy that Congressman Linder is now committed to addressing the issue within the body of the bill itself.

      Rob also indicated that Senator Chambliss would be included in these deliberations, in hopes that the senate bill would still mirror the house bill.



      Philip Hinson

      Volunteer Regional Director – SE

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