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Crime in the hood.

The MidCity Messenger did a good report on what officers of the 1st District NOPD had to say at a recent FSJNA meeting about recent crimes in our
Jim Danner
9:05 AM

Reduce Crime Plant Trees

According to a 2010 study by the USDA Forest Service, more foliage also means fewer felonies. Why Urban Trees Solve So Many of Our Problems
Oct 6

Morris Jeff Community School

*You’re invited to the 7th Annual Morris Jeff Community Gala!* Tickets & Event Sponsorships: http://www.morrisjeffschool.org When: *Thursday, Oct. 8th, 2015,
Brian Beabout
Oct 1

Re: Sound walls on 610; speeders on Roosevelt Mall

My understanding is sound walls are installed along residential areas but not otherwise. Rick Bogren ... Received: Tue, 29 Sep 2015 11:48:11 AM CDT From:
Rick Bogren
Oct 1

Gorgeous Blue-Eyed Young Kitty, Neutered, Needs a Home SOON!

This adorable boy needs a home! He is a kitten becoming a juvenile, found as an abandoned baby at the Hampton Inn in Jefferson Parish, but now neutered and
Jennifer Farwell
Oct 1
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First District Fundraiser

All, I know this is last minute BUT see attached flyer. Dis & Dem at 2540 Banks Street wants to donate 15% of receipts from this Thursday night to the First
Jim Olsen
Sep 30
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    First District Fundraiser.pdf

Re: Sounds walls on 610 through the Park

City park starting cutting their own security back at least 3 years ago. They started using NOPD contract I guess much more than their own security. I am sure
Sep 29

Re: Sounds walls on 610 through the Park

infuriating. But not surprised. city park is too precious to let criminals run all over it. I don't understand why city park has cut security when they seem
Sandra Gerhold
Sep 29

Re: Sounds walls on 610 through the Park

Re Roosevelt. I called 911 one afternoon while walking there. Se young men were speeding, squealing around corners, and actually jumped the sidewalk by the
Anne Freedman
Sep 29

Re: Sounds walls on 610 through the Park

Agreed. A sound wall and speed bumps should be installed for the park. On Mon, Sep 28, 2015 at 9:58 PM, Mark Folse markfolse@... [mcno]
Sandra Gerhold
Sep 29

Re: Sounds walls on 610 through the Park

I don't think it is people going to Metairie as much as it is a short cut for students going to evening classes at Delgado. I have noticed them speeding
Vivian Faget
Sep 29

Re: Sound walls on 610; speeders on Roosevelt Mall

Those are great ideas. I thought about the sound walls. But speed bumps would be very appropriate. I'd like to go one for the street in front of my house.
Sandra Gerhold
Sep 29

Sound walls on 610; speeders on Roosevelt Mall

There are sound walls on raised sections of I-10 in Metairie. There could be (and should be) sound walls in the park.  Speed bumps would slow the traffic on
David Fischer
Sep 29

New Tai Chi class beginning October 2

My wonderful Tai Chi teacher Susan Welsh, who lives in FSJ and heads the Physical Therapy program at Delgado, is starting a new Tai Chi class October 2 in Mid
Lisa Amoss
Sep 29
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    Flyer for new class 10.2.15.pdf

Re: Sounds walls on 610 through the Park

I don't know why it's elevated. That's the engineer's problem to solve. We don't have to accept the status quo, or the rapid changes without regard to
Mark Folse
Sep 28
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