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East Nissouri stone houses

Gerry contacted me on my Flickr site. I am interested in learning more. Check out his site if you want to learn more about his study. I gave him the reference
Lorne & Joyce Groves
Dec 16, 2012

Bill McCorquodale from BC reports

Hi Bill, Yes, it has been a long time, although I do think to let you know about info on the Howes family as it comes up. The book is on East Nissouri which
Lorne & Joyce Groves
Oct 13, 2012

I did not have this marriage

Name of Future Husband: MCCORQUODALE, Alexander Residence: Cornwall Name of Future Wife: MILLER, Myrilla Residence: Cornwall Reference: RG 5 B9 Volume: 16 Bond
Sep 18, 2012

Our archives- just found this

Ancestors Search Result Searched for: names:McCorquodale, AlexanderFound: 1 - 10 of 10 (77 ms) 1. MCCORQUODALE, Alexander - Upper and Lower Canada Marriage
Sep 18, 2012

Is there a connection with Edwin Bartley of Lakeside and Mary Bartle

1. MARY GRENSELL1 BARTLEY1 was born 29 Dec 1827 in Cornwall England, to Canada age 7, 18331, and died 1911 in West Zorra twp., Oxford Co, ON, Canada. She
Lorne & Joyce Groves
Aug 29, 2012

Invitation to the group "McCorquodale Family"

I wonder if it would be helpful to distinguish what McCorquodale family they are, such as Ontario McCorquodale Family, or "of Scotland and Lakeside and Embro,
Lorne & Joyce Groves
May 30, 2012

McCorquodale Picnic Sunday May 27

I prepared a poster for the McCorquodale Picnic and posted it to www.flickr.com in preparation to sending it to all the members.
Lorne & Joyce Groves
May 13, 2012

New member re Augustus McCorquodale and Helen Ross

davidnelson7268 Comment from user: I'm the grandson of Anna (McCorquodale) Mahler, daughter of Augustus and Helen (Ross)
Lorne & Joyce Groves
May 2, 2012

Thanks for your good wishes and prayers

I am still recovering well. I even have more energy than I did before the operation. I have a better grasp on how I should pray for myself. Thanks, Joyce
Lorne & Joyce Groves
Jan 22, 2012

Operation went well

On Jan 19 I had my operation to have 2 lumps removed from my right breast and some lymph nodes around the same. I was in over-night, and home by noon
Lorne & Joyce Groves
Jan 21, 2012

I can see after a 5 min procedure

Hi Ian and Anne, I have been working very hard on the East Nissouri site, and I also have a lot on your branch of the family on Flickr. Just go to
Lorne & Joyce Groves
Nov 19, 2011
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I can see after a 5 min procedure

In 2006 I had a cataract removed from my right eye but over time it went foggy again. I was scheduled to have the left eye done in January but had to cancel
Lorne & Joyce Groves
Nov 18, 2011

Message sent from Australia re Flickr

Hi Rob, This is a surprise. I have a McCorquodale relative living in Australia. I never think of him as that because he is our son, Paul Groves living in
Lorne & Joyce Groves
Sep 22, 2011

New member writes

Hi new member, Sorry I don't know your name. I am Joyce [McCorquodale] Groves and have been running this McCorquodale group for many years. I am aware of the
Lorne & Joyce Groves
Jun 21, 2011

McCorquodale family in Eldon, Victoria County

Well, after a lengthy hiatus, I am back to working on family history. It appears that I will have to go back to Scotland to find a link to the Zorra
Jun 21, 2011
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