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Fw: test message

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  • Ken Augustine
    Michael M, This copy came back to me fine. Maybe you just scared it straight. I ll try sending it to the group. Thanx. Ken A ... Subject: Re: test message
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 1, 2008
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      Michael M,

          This copy came back to me fine.   Maybe you just scared it straight.   I'll try sending it to the group.   


      Ken A

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      Subject: Re: test message

      Michael M,

          I have rebooted as that is all of what I am capable and replying with two of your paragraphs with a copy to myself, all through Yahoo.   I usually send new things through Juno as I like the fonts and colors and sometimes I copy Yahoo messages to the M/S clipboard (Control C , Control V) or I reply directly through Yahoo if there are attachments or automatic links.   I have been replying to the Chassis group as that is easiest but I can certainly copy and drop to Juno if that cures the problem until someone of qualification can determine on which key the cat stepped.  

          The roof is fine and the Aermacci is getting there but I had to stop on the loft for several reasons, none the least of which are lack of both money and absolute need.   I can pick it up again at any time but if I had it done, I probably wouldn't use it right away for its primary function.   At least this way I can use it for storage without worrying about getting chips in the hardwood floor or carpet and I don't need to make a decision the landlord won't like about the bathroom.   I did much of what I have when I had time and now it is getting busy so if I have a sunny day and two pals are able to help me get the big fan and fabricated box beam into his greenhouse, I will be happy enough for the time being.



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      From: Michael Moore <mmoore@...>
      To: Ken Augustine <ken@...>
      Sent: Thursday, January 31, 2008 6:45:43 PM
      Subject: Re: test message

      Hi Ken,

      I got the phone message but there didn't seem much sense to reply
      other than to ask for a test email.

      And the problem is definitely at your end, as your quotation of my
      message is that same one word per line.


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