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German Genealogy - A Guten Chance Of Finding Lost Relatives

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    United States is one of the countries in the world with a diverse culture and many believe that it is the melting point of the various different cultures and
    Message 1 of 1 , May 27, 2010
      United States is one of the countries in the world with a diverse culture and many believe that it is the "melting point" of the various different cultures and races in the world. Here you will see mixed races and culture. The country has people from all origins like from America, native America, Irish, Asian, British and German races too. Today there are over 300 million people who are living in the US.
      At present the German Americans would be the biggest self reported cultural group in America. The census of 2000 reported that there is approximately 47million German Americans in the US. And so the possibility of you having a German background is greater. And if it happens to be true and provided you are interested, you can think about spending money to hire a genealogist to track your past.
      Keep in mind that a chain of events in the world was responsible for the German people to move to America. It was the time period in-between 1680 to 1760 when the first American Germans moves to the US. After that the Germans formed the biggest group of Immigrants in America. The reason that they moved to the United States was the Conscription to the army, the deteriorating conditions to own a farm in their home land and the harassment of religious races.
      They primarily choose the United States because of the freedom it offered them to own their farm lands and to practice any preferred religion and the absence of military conscription and most of all the better economy of America drew them towards this country.
      Many German Jews, also migrated to America during the times of World War Two when Adolf Hitler came to the rule and began killing and persecuting them.
      Therefore, it was a series of happening in the world which resulted in the Germans migrating to America. You will know that you have a German history if either you or you grand parents have an Aryan surnames. Tracing you ancestry can be quiet a task to complete. This is the reason as to why you should hire a genealogist to help you with the work. For all you know you may end up being related to some famous Germans like Oskar Schindler who saved millions of people, especially Jews from the gas chambers of Adolf Hitler. Or you may also be related to the former president Dwight D Eisenhower or even to Albert Einstein.
      There are many more Germans who are known to have made many contributions to the society. Actually Elvis Presley himself has a German origin.
      Therefore you can consider the idea of hiring an expert to help you find your German history if and only if you are willing to find the lost German relatives of yours or the history of your family .With the improvement in technology it is very easy to track your German relatives.

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