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980A Light Hearted Look At Family Tree Research

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  • koxntdpmhruq
    Oct 3 12:53 PM
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      What a rewarding hobby it can be to research your family tree. You have your starting point with your grand parents who unfortunately are no longer with us, but you feel sure your family would love to discover their heritage. However, for some reason your mother seems reluctant to discuss the family. Strange? Perhaps, but you put it down to the fact your mother is 70 now and a little too old for new tricks and technology.
      You manage, after some time and money, to track dear old Granny and Grandpa down to where they were born and where they lived in the 1901 census. Edinburgh? Well I never knew that, you think. And so you decide to push back a little further and see what your great grandparents were all about. Still your mother has only vague recollections and cannot add anything to your research. That is okay though, we have records and technology to help us along.
      Hurrah! I've found my great grandmother! She went by the name of Isabella and was born a McDonald in 1864. She then married my great grandfather, John Graham in 1887. Well that all seems in order, he was a railway clerk which doesn't sound too impressive but that's okay it could be worse.
      And yes, it sure could be worse. You notice something very odd about the marriage entry in the register. Isabella has two parents but poor old John only had a mother. Must be a clerical error or perhaps his father had died? He should still have been on the certificate though.
      So off you go to see your mother and explain this strange occurrence. She seems flustered and assures you that you shouldn't waste your valuable time on the past. I start to smell a rat at this point and hot foot it home to log onto my pc.
      I find John's birth entry in 1862. Oops, there is no father on there either. And what is that large capital "B" in the margin? The penny drops. No wonder why my mother was so cagey. I guess it was a big disgrace in those days but seems too commonplace these days to worry about.
      Anyway, so my great grandfather John was born out of wedlock. I took great delight in joking with my mother about it and it was the topic of the Christmas dinner table! Since then I've found a bigamist, 3 more illegitimate and a suicide! Think I'll save those for the Easter dinner table....
      This light hearted look at family tree research is based on real events. Find out all about researching your tree at Scottish Ancestry.Org.

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