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1010John Alden Line

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  • William
    Aug 25, 2011
      Would like to know if this descendancy is accurate.

      John Alden--Priscilla Mullins
      Elizabeth Alden--William Pabodie
      Priscilla Pabodie--Rev. Ichabod Wiswall
      Deborah Wiswall--Samuel Seabury
      Paul Seabury--Ruth Thomas
      Priscilla Seabury--Amos Phillips
      Wealthy Phillips--Noah Wilcox
      Amasa Wilcox--Azubah Montague
      Florilla Wilcox--Julius Safford
      Willis Safford--Julia Patch
      Helene B Safford--Lyle Reed Orton

      I would need to prove this line for a GSMD supplement.

      Thanks for any help.

      Bull Fuller