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    please use your discrimination and judgment in assessing this material. If something rings true to you, fine. If something does not resonate, please leave it
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      "please use your discrimination and judgment in assessing this material. If something rings true to you, fine. If something does not resonate, please leave it behind, for we would not wish to be a stumbling block for any”.
      ~ Battle of the Sexes ~
      A battle between the sexes has been going on for many thousands of years. It is an age old problem and has contributed to most of the problems of our world.
      The real significance of claiming men are from Mars and women are from Venus goes back to Roman mythology. Mars is the Roman God of war. Venus is the Roman goddess of love.
      But is this a true representation of what men and women are like in our world today? Or was it true in our recent and distant past?
      In our distant past, and our not too distant past, say up to about 40 years ago, yes.
      The fact it changed recently helped us get to where we are today…able to ascend.
      Since our history has been distorted and altered, many don’t realize the significance of why this is true.
      According to the book, “Conversations With God” Book 3, by Neale Donald Walsch, the words from God, who is speaking to Neale in this three book series, gives an explanation of our distant past that is not covered in history books of the battle of the sexes.
      This three-book series has been on the New York Times bestseller list for years, and has changed the lives of many people because it has given the a totally new perspective about what is really going on. These three books are also recommended reading by the Galactic Federation and the Ascended Masters. That is in and of itself significant.
      Later on in this article I will include the section of this book which covers this subject of how it all got started. Rather than do a synopsis, I will copy it directly from the book since it can’t be read online. This is too important to be left up to my interpretation.
      But before we get into that, lets cover some basics first. Earth goes through the Precession of the Equinox every 26,000 years. Half of that time we are in a masculine dominated world. In the other half we are in a feminine dominated world.
      The male dominated world is usually full of violence and wars…Mars…God of War.
      The female dominated world was based on love, compassion, inspiration, art, music. Venus… Goddess of Love.
      This is also part of the Yin and the Yang, the Duality.
      What has caused the problems is in a male dominated world, males suppressed females.
      In a female dominated world, females suppressed males.
      We are now coming out of a male dominated society or energies, and going in a feminine dominated era again.
      But since the duality is ending, so will the next phase of female domination.
      What is needed, instead of either one dominating the other, is for men and women to be equal partners…to be co-creators with God ~ Prime Creator, then we will be invincible.
      Our ongoing battle with each other is harming us both. But it was also lessons that had to be remembered so we each understood that suppressing the others is not based on love, but fear, and love is all there is.
      In our current world and what has been happening for many thousands of years has been the duality, the separation from each other, and the ongoing battle of the sexes.
      Are men and women really that different? Do men want to settle their difference in a war, but women want to resolve problems through love and peace?
      The men in my own family went in both directions. Some were all for resolving a problem with military might and blowing someone off the map. They felt that a stint in the military made a man out of boy.
      Others wanted nothing to do with war and did all they could to avoid the military. They even protested against the war or wars.
      During World War II, and earlier wars, especially the Civil War, most American males marched off to war.
      I have read some theories that the huge influx of baby boomers were born right after World War II had two purposes, to replace the people who were lost in the war, and they came back with an inner knowing that wars were wrong. Many who had died in WWII reincarnated as baby boomers. They became draft age during the Viet Nam War. When the Baby boomers got to military or draft age, huge numbers protested war like never before in known history.
      Many went to war because they felt they had no choice because of the draft. Had they been given a choice, many of those who went would have refused as well.
      This was the awakening, the remembering that we are all one, that killing others is like killing ourselves, because when one is harmed, all are harmed.
      The huge numbers of military bases that are now vacant supported that feeling and that growing belief that war was not the answer. The increasing feminine energy probably helped to affect this change in attitude as well.
      In more recent times, the same holds true, as many men as women protested the war. Perhaps the reason could be because men are expected to volunteer to fight in wars, but not women. The women join the military, but do not fight in combat unless they are a pilot or navigator of some kind, or some type of gunner who operates a computer on a Navy ship that sends out missiles.
      Stereo typing men and women in this way is not accurate. Some women are just as likely to pick a fight with someone as a male. Perhaps not a war, but a fight. If offended by a male, women are more likely to slap than a man and feel perfectly justified in doing so.
      If a man hits a woman now, even in self defense, it’s considered wrong.
      Many years ago, men used to settle conflict or disagreements, or an insult to their honor over a duel. They sometime even fought over women with duels. How that was supposed to prove anything remains a mystery to me. One man could be totally honorable and in the right, and just be a lousy shot or swordsman’s. He could wind up dead or wounded when confronted by a cad or scoundrel, as they were often referred to, who might be a pro at both pistols and or swordplay. On the field of this so called honor, the cad often won because he was a better shot or swordsman, not because he had more honor or was right.
      Bullies can often win fights because they are better fighters, or fight dirty, but it doesn’t make them right because they can beat up someone.
      Might, be it military or personal, does not make something more right or honorable.
      Throughout our known history most disputes were settled through wars and violence.
      A boy or man who could not defend himself personally was considered a wuss, wimp, pansy, sissy, coward, chicken, if he either didn’t fight back or couldn’t beat someone up.
      The boy and man who used violence to settle differences is a stud, a man’s man, macho. He was praised and complimented for defeating someone.
      Unless he kept his woman, wife, girlfriend, in her place, he was considered a pansy, a sissy, or henpecked instead of being considerate or respectful.
      Mistreating women, even abusing them was considered just being a man, it’s what they do. A woman was expected to take the abuse as part of being a woman.
      Women were denied equal rights to vote, denied their own property. A dowry was even expected to be given to her husband to entice him to marry her. In some cultures if she didn’t have a huge dowry or one at all, she was almost unmarriageable.
      This dowry belonged to her husband, not to her. In a Primo gentry society, if her husband died, she didn’t get this property, it went to the closest male relative. If it wasn’t her own son, then to a cousin, or her husband’s brother. If he was an unfriendly relative, she could find herself in the street, or have to live off relatives.
      In some cultures, like Native Americans and some Orientals, the reverse is done. The prospective husband must provide a bride’s price to be given to the bride’s father. The Native Americans bride’s price was usually horses. Orientals, money.
      My niece recently married an Oriental. His family wanted to give my brother something as a bride’s price. My sister-in-law was totally insulted by this, feeling her daughter was being sold. She told her future-son-in law’s family there was not enough money in the entire world to buy her daughter, because she was not for sale at any price. Instead, she was a gift. A perfect example of how two cultures can clash over a tradition.
      For many thousands of years women had virtually no rights at all. They could not even vote in this country, although that is supposed to be part of the true original constitution.
      It has been less than 100 years since women finally got the right to vote and to own their own property. Woman have gotten more rights but they are still not completely equal.
      Salaries seem to be the big problem, women are usually paid less. To combat that problem, many women have gone into professions that are traditional male jobs and they get the same salary as males.
      Many traditionally male jobs are now being done by women too, like cops, fire fighters. Paramedics. Military and commercial pilots. Welders, carpenters, plumbers. Lawyers, doctors. Coast Guard captains and senior officers of Coast Guard Cutters are often mostly women. Executives of companies. Owners of companies.
      Most high executive jobs still go to males.
      Prior to the turn of the 20th century, even jobs like librarians, secretaries were done by men. The job market for women was very limiting. Primarily mundane jobs like being a maid or governess, waitresses, cooks. Mainly jobs that reduced her status to servant. And the age old profession of being a prostitute.
      The primary jobs that had any kind of respect were teachers and nurses.
      What changed?
      The males of today have gotten in touch with their feminine side, partly because of the changing frequencies that is bringing in the feminine love energy.
      Women began to stand up for their rights, and refused to be suppressed any longer.
      Some males are still fighting women being in traditional male jobs.
      The military academies that used to be all male, now allow women to enroll. The same is true for all male colleges like Harvard, Yale, Princeton now allow women. Colleges that were all female now allow males.
      The reverse is also happening. Jobs that were traditionally female are seeing males enter that profession…like RN’s, LVN’s, Nurse’s Aides. Beauticians. Waiters. Cooks.
      The media would like us to believe people, especially males, are more violent than ever before. But this is simply not true.
      In the past, disputes were often settled at the point of a gun. Men carried side arms in order to defend themselves. They could face off in a gunfight in the street. Whoever was the fastest draw won the day, showing that might made right. But not really.
      Many men tried to become gunslingers, the fastest gun in the West. Quickdraw McGraw.
      Many of the movies, TV shows in the past century were about this very thing, being a fast gun. The violence of the Old West.
      The amount of domestic violence has gone down dramatically. It gets reported now so people assume there is more of it, when the opposite is true. Something is being done about domestic violence now when before it was accepted as just the way things were. Society did not interfere in a man’s family affairs. If he wanted to beat his wife and kids daily, that was his right to do so, and no body had the right to tell him he couldn’t. It was accepted. It was not considered a crime. Now it is.
      That type of behavior is no longer acceptable, because we have learned, we remembered what was the honorable thing to do, that might does not make someone right.
      Women have learned to stand up for themselves, and not be pushed around. Some have resorted to violence in order to do it, and wound up in prison for it.
      Battered Wife Syndrome is actually a defense in a court of law, but they have to have a record of abuse that was reported. Then it becomes self defense.
      Unfortunately too many women allow their rage to build and build until they can’t take it anymore, and fearing retaliation, use deadly means. They are ashamed of the fact that their husband or boyfriend beats them so they make excuses for him or cover it up, saying they fell down the stairs or ran into a door or something when they are badly beaten.
      My mother-in-law was abused for over 50 years and never once reported it to the police. I have two step-daughters who were also abused frequently and didn’t report it either.
      It is detrimental to both the abuser and the abused to allow it to continue.
      I will deal with this more in a later section on abusers and the abused. Who really wins?
      No one.
      The roles in the home are changing as well. Women are often heads of the household or help support the family instead of just being housewives. This can sometimes affect the man’s self image of not being able to support his family, and can cause trouble.
      People are getting married later in life, waiting to have children.
      Even 50 or 60 years ago, most girls got married before the age of 21...100 years ago, if she was not married by the age of 18, she was considered an old maid.
      It is not uncommon for many women to hold off getting married into their 30’s. At least into their late 20’s. Many go to college and establish a career first.
      In years past, the only reason a woman went to college was to find a husband. She went to get her MRS. degree, not a degree to have a career.
      If she had a career, she often quit as soon as she got married.
      That doesn’t happen as often now. One reason is inflation demands two incomes.
      But many women prefer a career to being a stay at home housewife and mother. They work out of choice, not need. Even after having a baby, they go back to work and put the child in daycare.
      Some men still fight women being in the military, in the work place, even colleges. Their way of putting women in their place is through rape or sexual harassment because these women threaten them in some way. It’s done out of fear, male fear.
      Perhaps some memory goes back to the time when males were the ones who were suppressed and they are fighting to keep their power, and fear it will be lost if they give women any more rights.
      Perhaps the abuse stems from that same fear, that goes back thousands of years when the women were the ones who dominated men, and treated them as little more than slaves, and as sexual toys for their own amusement and for procreation.
      What goes around, comes around. Men were suppressed and mistreated the same way that women have been treated over the centuries. Hard to believe? It’s true.
      Want another truth…the devil or Satan is a myth, created by men to get power over women. The message below explains how it all came about.
      Below will be a direct quote from “Conversations With God“, Book 3, beginning on page 39. Neale asked God what the past had to do with the future. God’s replies are in blue italics. Neale’s comments are in red.
      “When you know about the past, you can better know about all your possible futures. You have come to Me asking how to make your life work better. It will be useful for you to know how you got to where you are today.
      “I would speak to you of power, and of strength -- and the difference between the two. And I would chat with you about this Satan figure you have invented, how and why you invented him, and how you decided that your God was a “He“, and not a “She.”
      “I would speak to you of Who I Really Am, rather than who you have said I am in your mythologies. I would describe to you My Beingness in such a way that you will gladly replace the mythology with the cosmology--the true cosmology of the universe, and its relationship to Me. I would have you know about life, how it works, and why it works the way it works. This chapter is about all those things.
      “When you know those things, then you can decide what you wish to discard and of that which your race has created. For this third portion of our conversation, this third book, is about building a newer world, creating a new reality.
      “You have been living too long, My children, in a prison of your own devise. It is time to set yourself free. You have imprisoned your five natural emotions, repressing them and turning them into very unnatural emotions, which have brought unhappiness, death and destruction to your world.
      “The model of behavior for centuries on this planet had been: do not “indulge” your emotions. If you’re feeling grief, get over it; if your feeling angry, stuff it; if you’re feeling envious, be ashamed of it; if you're feeling fear, rise above it, if you’re feeling love, control it, limit it, wait with it, run from it--do whatever you have to do to stop from expressing it, full out, right here, right now.
      “It is time to set yourself free.
      In truth, you have imprisoned your Holy Self. And it is time to set your Self free.
      I am starting to get excited here. How do we start? Where do we begin?
      “In our brief study of how it all got to be this way, let us go back to the time when your society reorganized itself. That is when men became the dominant species, and then decided it was inappropriate to display emotions--or in some cases to even have them. “
      What do You mean, “when society reorganized itself” What are we talking about here?
      “In an earlier part of your history, you lived on the planet in a matriarchal society. Then there was a shift, and a patriarchal society emerged. When you made that shift, you moved away from expressing your emotions. You labeled it “weak”  to do so. It was during this period that males also invented the devil, and the masculine God."
      Males invented the devil?
      “Yes, Satan was essentially a male invention. Ultimately, all of society went along with it, but the turning away from emotions, and the invention of an “Evil One”, was all part of a male rebellion against the matriarchy, a period during which women ruled over everything from their emotions. They held all governmental posts, all religious positions of power, all places of influence in commerce, science, academia, healing."
      What power did men have?
      “None. Men had to justify their existence, for they had very little importance beyond their ability to fertilize female eggs and move heavy objects. They were very much like worker ants and bees. They did the heavy physical labor, and made sure that children were produced and protected.
      “It took men hundreds of years to find and to create a larger place for themselves in the fabric of their society. Centuries passed before males were even allowed to participate in their clan’s affairs; to have a voice or a vote in community decisions. They weren't considered by women to be intelligent enough to understand such matters.”
      Boy, it is difficult to imagine that any society would actually prohibit one whole class of people from voting, based simply on gender.
      “I like your sense of humor about this. I really do.
      "Shall I go on?"
      "Centuries more passed before they could think of actually holding the positions of leadership for which they finally had the chance to vote. Other posts of influence and power within culture were similarly denied them.
      When males finally obtained positions of authority within society, when they at last rose above their former place as baby-makers and virtual physical slaves, it is to their credit that they did not ever turn the tables on women, but have always accorded females the respect, power, and influence that all humans deserve, regardless of gender.
      “There is that humor again."
      Oh, I’m sorry. Do I have the wrong planet?
      “Let’s get back to our narrative. But before we go on about the invention of “the devil” let us talk a bit about power. Because this, of course, is what the invention of Satan was about.”
      You’re going to make the point now that men have all the power in today’s society, right? Let me jump ahead of You and tell You why I think this happened.
      You said that in the matriarchal period, men were very much like worker bees serving the queen bee. You said they did the difficult work, and made sure that children were produced and protected. And I felt like saying, “So what has changed? That’s what they do now!” And I’ll bet that many men would probably say that not a great deal has changed--except that men have extracted a price for maintaining their “thankless role”. They do have more power.
      “Actually, most of the power.”
      Okay, most of the power. But the irony I see here is that both genders think they are handling the thankless tasks, while the other is having all the fun. Men resent the women who are attempting to take back some of their power, because men say they’ll be damned if they’ll do all that they do for the culture and at least not have the power it takes to do it.
      Women resent men keeping all the power, saying they’ll be damned if they’ll continue doing for the culture what they do and still remain powerless.
      “You’ve analyzed it correctly. And both men and women are damned to repeat their own mistakes in an endless cycle of self inflicted misery until one side or the other gets it that life is not about power, but about strength. And until both see that it’s not about separation, but unity. For it is in the unity that inner strength exists, and in the separations that it dissipates, leaving one feeling weak, and powerless--and hence, struggling for power.
      “I tell you this: Heal the rift between you, end the illusion of separation, and you shall be delivered back to the source of your inner strength. That is where you will find true power. The power to do anything. The power to be anything. The power to have anything. For the power to create is derived from the inner strength that is produced through unity.
      “This is true of the relationship between you and your God--just as it is remarkably true of the relationship between you and your fellow humans.
      “Stop thinking of yourself as separate, and all the true power that comes from the inner strength does not come from raw power. In this, most of the world has it backwards.
      “Power without inner strength is an illusion. Inner strength without unity is a lie. A lie that has not served the race, but that has nevertheless deeply embedded itself into your race consciousness. For you think that inner strength comes from individuality and from separateness, and that is imply not so. Separation from God and from each other is the cause of all your dysfunction and suffering. Still, separation continues to masquerade as strength, and your politics, your economics, and even your religions have perpetrated the lie.
      “This lie is the genesis of all wars and all the class struggles that lead to war; of all animosity between races and genders, and all the power struggles that lead to animosity; of all personal trials and tribulations, and all the internal struggles that lead to tribulations.
      “Still, you cling to the lie tenaciously, no matter where you’ve seen it lead you--even as it has lead you to your own destruction.
      “Now I tell you this: Know the truth, and the truth shall set you free.
      “There is no separation. Not from each other, not from God, and not from anything that is. This truth I will repeat over and over on these pages. This observation I will make again and again.
      “Act as if you were separate from nothing, and no one, and you will heal your world tomorrow.
      “This is the greatest secret of all time. It is the answer for which man has searched for millennia. It is the solution for which he has worked, the revelation for which he has prayed.
      “Act as if you were separate from nothing, and you heal the world.

      “Understand that it is about power with, not power over. “
      Thank you. I got that. So, getting back, first it was females who had power over males, and now it is the other way around. And males invented the devil in order to wrest this power away from the female tribal or clan leaders?
      “Yes. They used fear, because fear was the only tool they had."
      “Again, not much has changed. Men do that to this day. Sometimes even before appeals to reason are tried, men use fear. Particularly if they are the bigger men; the stronger men. (Or the bigger or stronger nation.) Sometimes it seems actually ingrained in men. It seems cellular. Might is right. Strength is power.
      “Yes. This has been the way since the overturn of the matriarchy.”
      How did it get that way?
      “That’s what this story history is all about.”
      Then go on, please.
      “What men had to do to gain control during the matriarchal period was not to convince women that men ought to be given more power over their lives, but to convince other men.
      “Life was, after all, going smoothly, and there were worse ways men could have to get through the day than simply doing some physical work to make themselves valued, and then have sex. So it was not easy for men, who were powerless, to convince other powerless men to seek power. Until they discovered fear.
      “Fear was the one thing women hadn’t counted on.
      “It began, this fear, with seeds of doubt, sown by the most disgruntled among the males. These were usually the least “desirable” of the men; the unmuscled, the unadorned-- and hence, those to whom women paid the least attention.

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