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Re: [mayapadaprana] Oleh2x dari Master kundeep Singh

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    Rekan2x, ini ada sedikit pesan dari Master Kundeep Singh (Bangalore - India) ttg prinsip Reiki.Just for today... It expresses the importance of undertaking to
    Message 1 of 11 , Apr 4, 2004
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      Rekan2x, ini ada sedikit pesan dari Master Kundeep Singh (Bangalore - India) ttg prinsip Reiki.

      Just for today...

      It expresses the importance of undertaking to do everyday things, without anxiety or hurry, concentrating on the moment's reality and intensely living it. Here and now are the coordinates of the present, what is past does not exist any longer and it slows down our way, what still has to happen does not really exist and it departs us from bringing all our energy in what we are doing. Past very often brings with it anger and grudge while future brings worry...



      Do not anger and worry...

      Anger rises from received wounds or from the sensation that someone is doing something bad to us. Renouncing anger means first of all to recognize and to express it, to express our feelings clearly and decidedly, to learn how to protect our space, our life and our relationships. Renouncing anger does not mean to forget or to remove it because doing that it would express itself through the body and through physical troubles such as: stomachache, ulcer, digestion problems, liver problems, irritability and inability to communicate. The meaning of this principle is to eliminate the causes of the anger, recognizing who or what hurts me and acting consequently, talking about and expressing what we think and what we feel. And even if we cannot do anything to change a situation, we can consider the possibility to get out of a vain pain in time. The ways to renounce anger are forgiveness, to let go and comprehension: these are the qualities we have to develop through Reiki.

      Worry rises from unsureness, from the fear of what we are and of what is expecting us, from thinking about an event and its unpleasant consequences. Worry and anxiety denote lack of trust and abandonment; it is as if we should always keep everything under control in order to foresee every event. Renouncing worry means to enjoy life moment by moment, believing that everything happens for my best good, to let force and consciousness rise inside me together with the sensation that everything is going well, everything is going as it has to go and that I have simply to let me go and enjoy life.



      Earn your living honestly...

      Kahlil Gibran writes that "Work is love made visible". This principle reminds us the importance to be right with our conscience, to be loyal and honest first of all with ourselves in any thing we do, it reminds us that the more important work is building our same life day by day. How could we have a healthy and strong body if our mind is full of deceits, lies and subterfuges? How can we think to be happy if we cause sufferings to others? It is written in the Gospel: "You will love your neighbour like yourself". And also "Do not do to others what you do not want to be done to you". These are the keys to open our life to light and to feel in peace with ourselves. Work is a marvellous opportunity to offer our contribution to life, to show our gratitude and thankfulness to the Spirit, to be proud of ourselves when we obtain a result.Without honesty and integrity which satisfaction would it be?



      Honor every living being...

      In order to maintain healthy and strong your body, you have to love it.In order to love it, you have to take care of it as if it was a child, to ask it often how it is, what it would like to do, where it would like to go and so on. In order to take care of someone, you have to respect him deeply and to have a deep comprehension for his needs. That's why you desire to thank him for all what he did and is doing for you. Love, care and gratitude put together form the verb "To Honour". Honouring our mother and father for giving us life means honouring ourselves and our choice of living. Honouring the teachers and the elders means to open humbly to the learning and the knowledge and to recognize the value of wisdom and of experience. Honouring every form of life means to celebrate praises to the Creator and to thank him for the great variety and magnificence of forms and colours and to thank ourselves to share all it. The world belongs to you but you have to nourish a deep sense of responsibility, you cannot kill and destroy without making this action backfiring against yourself.



      Show gratitude...

      Those who practice Reiki discover the importance to say "thank you". Thanking means to accept all what surrounds us and ourselves in an only embrace, thanking is a sweet moment of fragility and privacy which connects you to the universe. Every day we receive our daily bread, every day the Spirit generously gives us his gifts in form of air, water, love, sunsets, starry skies, seas and mountains, food and life energy. We sometimes forget to be alive, we forget about all the love we received, we get lost in the meanders of suffering and we forget about all the joy we felt in our life. We become hard and detached, cool and disappointed. Thanking for the received gifts makes us feel human again and let the life warmth enter inside us.



      Reiki is an old discipline of oriental origin which aim is to harmonize heart and mind using the spiritual endowments that the human beings are gifted with since their birth: love, compassion, bravery, sympathy, brotherhood, confidence... The purpose of Reiki is to help people to keep their body in good health and lead a peaceful life. All the activities of the Cultural Association “International Reiki Center” are addressed to both physically and psychically independent, self sufficient, mature and healthy people who are looking for a deep sense of their own life and who yearn for an interaction with other human beings or with nature in its every display. The word “healing”, if one makes use of it, has to be considered as a synonym of happiness, accomplishment, and illumination. Reiki has no ideological or political purpose; it does not contrast either with any religious confession or claims to take the place of the western medicine or the medical sanitary therapy. The activities of the association are solely addressed to its members and the Reiki International Center does not take upon itself any responsibility for the activities which might have been undertaken by single operators or centers out of its institutional center.


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    • rezafarzian
      Salam, Saya ucapkan terimakasih untuk diperkenankannya saya menjadi member milis ini,semoga saya disini bisa mendapatkan masukan2 dari para member lain dan
      Message 2 of 11 , Dec 10, 2004
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        Saya ucapkan terimakasih untuk diperkenankannya saya menjadi member
        milis ini,semoga saya disini bisa mendapatkan masukan2 dari para
        member lain dan khususnya para master disini serta untuk lebih
        membuka cakrawala dan wawasan pikiran kita,khususnya saya pribadi yg
        masih ingin belajar banyak ttg masalah "energi" yg uniq ini.
        Sebelum ini,dulu saya termasuk org yg tidak bisa menerima begitu saja
        hal2 menurut saya jauh dari logika pikiran,tapi dengan berjalannya
        waktu,perjalanan hidup saya membuat terbukanya mata dan hati saya thd
        hal2 yg saya anggap tidak real itu,termasuk dengan yg
        dinamakan "energi" didalam dan diluar tubuh manusia,dan kita (saya)
        tak lebih dari sebutir pasir pasir mungkin dalam ukuran mikron/atau
        lebih kecil lagi dihamparan alam semesta ini.
        Semoga saya mendapatkan pelajaran dan ilmu pengetahuan lebih banyak
        lagi disini,terutama dari para master yg lebih ahli dibidang ini,dan
        semoga Rasa Damai,Ketenangan lahir batin selalu menyertai kita semua.
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