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Re: [maxwellbriscoeowners] 1910 Q3 Restoration Update + Requests

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  • Greg W.
    Hello again everyone. Since I m on Spring Break this week, I thought I d give you some updates on the restoration of the car. I haven t been able to do much,
    Message 1 of 5 , Mar 18, 2009
      Hello again everyone.  Since I'm on Spring Break this week, I thought I'd give you some updates on the restoration of the car.  I haven't been able to do much, but we're finding new things all the time when we work on it.

      Just today I spent some time running some of the parts under a wire brush to remove some rust.  I found that we have the bracket that holds a part of the magneto, I think, but we're yet to find the magneto.  While clearing out some space around the car, though, I found two separate magnetos, which surprised me very much.  The first was an Eismann (or something of that sort), which was patented December 22, 1914, according to the back.  It looked to be in very good shape.  The other magneto I found was a nearly-complete one from the KW Ignition Company --- a model J.  I don't know much more to tell about it, other than the fact that it was still very magnetic.  I know that neither of these are the Splitdorf for the Maxwell, but nonetheless I thought they were interesting finds.

      In regards to the body, we're still trying to figure out where we can find a template for one, at least.  We appear to have part of the template for the back seats (since we appear to have part of it), and we have some of the lower body, at least to the back of the front seat.  I'll try to get some pictures of what we have of the body in the next couple of days.  Also, in the effort to keep rust at bay, I was hoping to begin cleaning the cowl in the upcoming weeks.  The only issue we may run into with that is regarding the spine and the hinge within it.  The two pieces can fold just fine, but they have become detatched on the spine, and I'm not sure how to go about fixing that.  Otherwise the pieces are in very good shape, and I think it would be good to get some primer on them eventually.

      In the meantime I'll continue wire brushing some pieces to get rust off of them and try to find out more about how each individual piece of the engine, body, and frame were painted (same color, different color, etc.).  As the weather gets warmer I hope to be home more often to work on this car so that I can hit the ground running with the restoration this summer.

      Any thoughts, ideas, or questions are more than welcome.  Thanks everyone!


      On Mon, Feb 9, 2009 at 7:30 PM, Mel McDonald <mel@...> wrote:


      There is a nice picture of the Model Q engine (A very impressive unit for 1910.) in “70 Years of Chrysler” by George H. Dammann, as well as a full side picture of the Q3.  If you don’t have access to this publication, I would be glad to scan it and send it to you.  There is no info on the engine color, but it does mention dark blue for the body.  It does not mention the fender color.  They could be black, but I do believe that most of the restorations of these early Maxwell’s that I’ve seen use the same color bodies and fenders.  That’s not necessarily accurate, but could be a reasonable indicator.  The Horseless Carriage Club of America library could be very helpful with these kinds of details for a very reasonable cost.

      Good luck, and let me know if you want the scans.

      Mel McDonald

      Dallas, TX


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      Mr. Campbell,

      Thank you for the picture of the magneto; that's the first I've ever seen of one.  Neither my father nor I ever remember seeing anything like that in our collection of parts, but we'll have to do some more looking when the weather warms up.  If we don't have it, though, what are our options?  Ideally we'll have it somewhere, but in case we don't, where can such things be found?

      I was also going to ask you sometime if you would be able to address our carb (or at least the carb our car is supposed to have).  You had mentioned quite some time ago about working on them; would you still be able to?  I'll shoot you an email sometime, or you can feel free to email me privately to discuss that.

      In the meantime, though, I'm assuming the lack of responses from everyone means that I'm on the right track for restoring this car?  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you!


      On Tue, Jan 27, 2009 at 5:21 PM, Vern Campbell <dvcampbell@...> wrote:


          Thanks for the update on your project.  The original magneto was a Splitdorf model F.  I will send you a picture of it from the Splitdorf catalogue.  Keep us posted.

          Vern Campbell

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      Subject: [maxwellbriscoeowners] 1910 Q3 Restoration Update + Requests

      Hello everyone! The recent flurry of messages has inspired me to take
      a few minutes today and write everyone an update on my Q3 barn find.
      For those of you who don't remember, I've posted photos of the car in
      the photos section. The car was found in the mid '50s after a barn
      had collapsed on it. My father, grandfather, and great uncle spent
      three weeks digging the car out of the barn before bringing it back to
      our garage where it sat until a couple of years ago when I decided to
      move it out. Our previous projects were finishing up (a 1949 car and
      a 1961 Corvette), so I thought it would be time to get to work on
      this. Anyway, on to the main message.

      The car is protected inside a garage for the winter. Unfortunately,
      being away at college, I can't really work on it until summer, but
      come summer I'd like to hit the ground running with it and make a good
      push all the way until August when I have to go back.

      The car is still as it appears in the pictures on the site. The
      fenders are still being made with period machines, and they're looking
      great from the updates we get via email. I've been doing some
      correspondence with a few people and have acquired a parts manual
      (albeit a small one) from a gentleman in Texas. Through this I've
      been able to see that we have some more of the parts that I didn't
      know we had. Aside from that, I've been halfway clearing spaces in
      that garage for the summer when I plan on starting the disassembly of
      the car. As I'm disassembling, being sure to take TONS of pictures
      and take notes as to the construction of everything, I'll eventually
      get the car ready for sandblasting. Once the frame and available body
      panels are sandblasted, I'd like to begin painting (or at least
      putting primer on them) to protect the metal. After this, though, the
      work really begins.

      As I'm going through this process, I'll be making a catalog of which
      parts I know we have. From that, I'll be able to know what parts we
      need (which I currently don't know, since I've never done a brass era
      car before). Also, I'll be looking at the state of the engine during
      disassembly, seeing what needs ground or replaced.

      Thus far that's my plan. It's still kind of nerve racking considering
      the work that needs to be done and my inexperience on cars of that era
      (give me a car 30+ years newer and I'll be okay).

      What I really need, though, is more guidance from all of you on what I
      should be looking for or looking to acquire. I need any advice you
      can give on this process, and any outlets that you think may be
      helpful regarding parts or services. I'd also love pictures. I've
      only seen a few pictures of a 1910 Q3 in my life (which makes building
      one that much harder), so quite a few of those would be amazing. That
      way I'll actually know what to do with the paint once I get it (I know
      the body needs to be dark blue, but what about the fenders, frame,
      suspension, ENGINE especially, etc.?). Also, I need a picture of a
      magneto. People ask me if we have it, but to be honest, I've never
      seen a Maxwell magneto, so I don't know.

      Anything else would be greatly appreciated. Sorry for the long note,
      but thank you all very much. I really look forward to hearing from
      you and appreciate all of your help! Let me know if you have any


      As seen in the French newspaper "Le Figaro" in 1909:  "The world has been blessed with a new beauty: The beauty of Speed."

      Forza Formula One.

      As seen in the French newspaper "Le Figaro" in 1909:  "The world has been blessed with a new beauty: The beauty of Speed."

      Forza Formula One.
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