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Re: A Fastinanting Video Of 1918 Maxwell Endurance Run

Cool On Monday, April 20, 2015 9:19 AM, "jamesnealfarris@... [maxwellbriscoeowners]" wrote:   If you have a
Apr 20

A Fastinanting Video Of 1918 Maxwell Endurance Run

If you have a few minutes check out this 1918 video featuring a Maxwell touring in an endurance run thru the desert ---- it is spectacularly grueling to say
Apr 20

Re: foggy sight glass

Bill You may be lucky and not have David’s problem. This may simply be fogging up due to condensation from the products of combustion that get past the rings
Howard Hodson
Apr 12

Re: foggy sight glass

Welcome to the forum Bill. In answer to your question "Has anyone else had this problem", yes my 1912 AC, which I believe is mechanically identical to your
David McCredie
Apr 12

foggy sight glass

I am new to this group and not good with computers but I am trying. Last fall I got my 11 AB running. I adjusted the oil drippers for the suggested number of
Apr 11

Re: 1912-13 Maxwell flywheel

Hi Vern, Could you give me the paint code and colour of your Maxwell please as it looked brilliant in the HCCA magazine and I loved the article, it was just
Apr 10

Re: 1912-13 Maxwell flywheel

Ouch! I have never heard that sequence of problems, but it sounds as if the foundry is the last and hopefully successful solution. Keep us posted on this
Doris and Vern Campbell
Apr 8

Re: 1912-13 Maxwell flywheel

Hi Vern, 3 of the spokes are cracked. In replacing the flywheel we couldn't get the hub on the crankshaft and the heat soaked the outer ring. We didn't
Apr 8

Re: 1912-13 Maxwell flywheel

Hello: I do not have any spare flywheel. I do not know where the damage is on yours, but many of them have been repaired. A new hub can be machined. Vern
Doris and Vern Campbell
Apr 8

1912-13 Maxwell flywheel

Hi, I am searching for a flywheel for my early 13 Maxwell - Briscoe. It is the flywheel with the fan blades in it from the front of the engine. Do you
Apr 8
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Re: Trying to i.d. possible Maxwell photo (Thanks!)

Thanks to everyone, both on the board and thru private emails. I feel comfortable with the i.d. and have updated the photo description within my website with
Steve Hammatt, Mount Vernon WA USA
Apr 7

Re: Radiator and gas tank repair

What are people using to lube the fan pulley? I want to make sure I do that while I am working on that area.
Apr 6

Radiator and gas tank repair

A couple of people asked about my radiator repair. Dan at Bill's Antique Restoration did both for $380. The radiator had 5 leaks. The gas tank had 3. He also
Apr 5

Re: Trying to i.d. possible Maxwell photo

Yes--vertical spark control on the steering column and square tool box at the rear would make it an A.
Apr 5

Re: Trying to i.d. possible Maxwell photo

Very good chance it I'd 1909 as the spark control has a vertical lever and I believe the 10 had a horizontal as told to me by merle simonsma Sent from Samsung
Apr 5
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