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1931Re: [maxwellbriscoeowners] Brass [6 Attachments]

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    Jun 14, 2014
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      Wendy/Don, I suspect the small brackets are end supports for the windscreen, they might be duplicates , also a small speedo cog,  but I cannot tell until my car arrives, as for the 3 horns, various prices , but i think $200 to include shipping to me would be a fair offer, what do you think, these parts are always useful in bartering for items not usually for sale, but people willing to swop.
      let me know what your thoughts are, Regards Phil Anglesey

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      Here are some pics but I have no idea what a fair price is.  I think you have already seen these.  Would you like me to take more pics?  Also, I have no idea how much it would cost to ship.  It would probably get there before the Maxwell does. LOL
      Wendy Haines
      Don Haines

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