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Mature years perfect toget Inner Fullnes

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  • juantor01
    3rd part of Mature years perfect to get Inner Fullness + This summer (2001) I met with two friends of my same age on the night-pubs, which I was been
    Message 1 of 22 , Oct 19, 2001
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      3rd part of "Mature years perfect to get Inner
      Fullness"<br><br>+ This summer (2001) I met with two friends of my
      same age on the night-pubs, which I was been visiting
      on the summer time to remain on my social
      communication (although I normally don�t drink alcohol).<br>
      And both told me about his sexual power was
      decreasing!.�<br>............<br> I was surprised because I was feeling my
      happiness of living and my disabled activity was splendid
      (although I was handicap). �<br> Like my last reminiscence
      of a gay activity was with a new friend I met
      outside Sevilla, because both was attending a National
      spiritual meeting both on a strange city.�<br> It happened
      18 years ago.<br>� And on that sexual happening my
      sexual power was magnificent (although I didn�t like the
      ejaculation I could felt it).<br> My mind had remained hooked
      on that psychological souvenir!<br>
      ..................<br> That seXual adventure was as I�m going right now
      to tell you:<br> We met on other town (where both
      were foreigner) to attend the spiritual convention,
      and we became spontaneously friends.<br> When we was
      speaking having lunch I told him that I�ve had homosexual
      esperiences. And he told me that he also.�<br>� �That night
      (when the participants on the spiritual meeting was
      shearing the rooms) we chose a double room for
      us.�<br><br> When we passionately started kissing us I had a
      premature ejaculation.<br> He completely kindly was washing
      my sex at the bath-room.��<br> After I got again
      erection and (like his first sexual relation was sucking
      other boy�s phallus) he was liking sucking mine. And he
      was more of half one hour doing it.��<br> [I had (the
      Supreme Energy knows why) sexual power to stand hard to
      the second ejaculation long time].�<br> Every ten
      minutes I said that he stop for a while (because the
      intensity of the arrival of the orgasm was starting, and I
      didn�t like to have other ejaculation). Then we was
      kissing our lips for a while and after he followed.�<br>
      And after he stopped without having myself another
      ejaculation. And I masturbate
      him.<br>����������������������������������������������� ...---ooo0ooo--...��<br> That was my souvenir
      about my sexual energy. For that when I heard my
      friends told me about his sexual capacity was decreasing
      I remain curious.<br> Then that night (having my
      thought on the Divine) I made a masturbation, and I felt
      when the orgasm arrives it don�t was the usual joyful
      explosion, but the ejaculation happened slowly and without
      the upsurge eruption of pleasure as before.��<br>
      ---ooo0ooo---��<br> On the beginning I stupidly was worried and sad
      with the natural decreased of my sexual activity.
      Stupid worry because I habitually didn�t used it since
      20 years ago.�<br> And anyway the very
      disadvantageous energetic wasting was completely against my
      spiritual existential undertstanding.<br> But few days
      after I could felt the marvellous feeling of my inner
      concentration was very-very-very much deeper that ever� (mainly
      when I was doing meditation).��<br> Whithout always to
      be with the "groundswell" of the animal sexual
      appetites.<br> ...---ooo0ooo---...��<br> Then the unexpected
      sublime profite you can attain with the decrease of you
      seminal production (when you is happily concentrate on
      your spiritual growing) is inimaginable.<br> You feel
      the marvellous freedom of reaching deeper inner
      concentration. For doing "inner contemplation" (=or "spiritual
      meditation"). To have the uncomparable experiences of His
      Internal Vibration and the increasing experience on His
      Divine Light, ,which is starting filling your
      conscience.��<br> When we got the freedon of don�t be constantly
      worry on our seXuak hungry, we begin to feel the
      incredible fullness it�s on our inner silence.<br><br> It is
      so DIVINE....!!!��<br><br> There isn�t any word to
      speak�<br> about that marvellous gain!!!�<br><br>�We will
      see the plans of our�<br>Heavenly Father�<br>after
      the Apocalyptic events are happening right now!!!
    • juantor01
      1st part of Mature years perfect to get Inner Fullness ����Yes! We could happily win on our mental weakness around sex, and recover the innate
      Message 2 of 22 , Oct 19, 2001
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        1st part of "Mature years perfect to get Inner
        Fullness"<br><br>�Yes!<br> We could happily win on our mental weakness
        around sex, and recover the innate stable and constant
        peace of our mind.�<br>��Which generally is out of our
        conscience, since we remained hooked on the seXual
        fixation.��[ Which normally happens after our first volontary
        and delighted seXual relation with other human
        being.�<br> But we have to wait (at least) until our
        testicles decrease its seminal production. And that
        obviously happens when we arrive to the age around 50 years
        old.<br> Age that luckily I�ll get pretty soon!.<br>
        ---ooo0ooo---<br> Maybe we could ingenuously remain attached to the
        physical pleasure. Although our seXual activity is
        decaieying very notably.<br> Or even we can persist dreaming
        on the beauty, vigour and corpulency of the youth
        time.<br> But we are really unfortunate if we don�t realize
        the wonderful opportunity the Life is opening in
        front our eyes. For total and constant freedom !.��<br>
        If we don�t recognize the time of the essential
        liberty finally has arrived!.<br>�Where in the future we
        don�t remain with the physical necessity of from time
        to time empty our sexual essence�(because the
        seminal production of our body had left of compulsively
        pushing our feelings towards looking for the external
        beauty and the physical pleasures).��<br> We are loosing
        the marvellous opportunity of enjoying the essential
        freedom of our mind, to reach the connection with our
        congenital but forgotten spiritual fullness!!!.�<br> I
        understand could be difficult to many people comprehend they
        haven�t lose anything fundamental. But they have attained
        an incredible relief and freedom on his conscience,
        to look for his own fullness in other direction
        beyond his physical necesities.<br> And it will be the
        door to reach the highest inner realization we never
        on our life could dream!.�<br> With the help of our
        subtel, invisible, hidden spiritual friend and brother:
        The already liberated Christ of the Highest!.�<br>
        =0=0=0=0=0=0=<br> I�m going to tell you my own experience:<br>+ One
        year after the big car accident, when I was already
        sleaping in my house but going to the hospital gim every
        morning, I did my first masturbation after the
        accident.�<br> And I was delighted with the rapturing sexual
        pleasure.<br>���[Then I took the decision of "from time to time" (not
        excesivily frequent) I�d repeat that sexual drunkenness. (I
        already had renewed the wonderful spiritual habit of
        doing 3 dayly hours of inner contemplation (=spiritual
        meditation); and I could feel how much adverse was to it the
        incomparable energetic squander there is in every
        ejaculation)].<br>+ A short time after a girl (who had been the house
        mate of other girl who before the accident frequently
        was going out with me) who was working on the Social
        Security office in Sevilla. She had to type a note to
        answer my father�s letter speaking about my recent
        discharge of hospital.<br> She was impressed of knowing I�d
        had a heavy car accident.���<br> Because, although
        big news about my accident had been impressed on two
        well-known newspapers of my city (one with a big picture of
        mine playing a guitar concert), she didn�t know
        anything about that.<br> So she decided to bring
        personally the answer-letter to my house, to know directly
        what had happened me.<br> But anyway we_was speaking
        and we returned of being friends. <br> She went to my
        house. I didn�t remember anything about she or the other
        who was sometimes going out with me.�<br> At that
        time I spoke extremely slowly and when I had to walk I
        was spending 2 or 3 minutes on every meter.�<br>
      • juantor01
        2nd part of Mature years perfect to get Inner Fullness Next week I told my father I was liking to go to that girl����s house. And although in the
        Message 3 of 22 , Oct 19, 2001
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          2nd part of "Mature years perfect to get Inner
          Fullness"<br><br> Next week I told my father I was liking to go to
          that girl�s house. And although in the beginning he
          completely denay, I insist. Until finally he brought me over
          there on the car.<br> On his house we smoke some joints
          and we went to her room to have "lateral
          sex-relations" on her bed (because if I lay my paralyzed body on
          her body I "will squash" her)<br> Then in 2 weeks we
          became engaged.�<br> [How I was thinking with my body as
          it was at that time would be impossible to me to
          find new sexual mate, I thought she was the solution
          to my seXual hungry....]<br>+ After I went to a
          wonderful hospital in Madrid (also of the Social
          Security).<br> And over there I remembered the seXual experience
          of doing an anal intercourse with a gay friend. Who
          have been also follower of the same Indian guru as I.
          But on my healthy time we never had sexual
          relation.�<br>((That orgasm have been my only voluntary ejaculation on
          a gay relationship after the accident))�<br>+ Later
          I�ve been having erotic-homosexual relations with
          other 3 friends.�<br> But I was liking to avoid the
          ejaculation. To save the inner energy, looking towards my
          spiritual-meditater activity.<br> Then we pasionally was kissing each
          other and caressing our bodies.�<br> And I after
          masturbate them.�<br> But unluckily [after long time without
          having any sexual experience] as my testicles was
          totally full I had a premature ejaculation when we
          pasionally start kissing each other.<br>+ After that, on the
          last 20 years, I only masturbate on my own 10 or 12
          days. Almost always when I was stone by a
          "hash-brownie".<br> After I did the big squander of energy in a
          masturbation I thought "I already did the stupidity of
          squandering my inner Energy; so a little more is not so
          inportant". Then I did 2 or even 3 masturbation on the next
          half one hore.���<br> ---ooo0ooo---��<br> Our
          consciousness normally after our first "seXuak hooked" remained
          down the attration pole of our genital area.<br> [We
          could create other powerful magnetic pole around the
          money and our economical necessities].��<br> And we
          happily could feel other marvellous vital attraction pole
          over our spiritual connection with the Ivisible and
          Infinite Dimension of Total Fullness.<br> Although not
          everybody (what a pity!) develop that connection with the
          level of the Infinite Fulfilment. Which is completely
          independent of all the physical and material
          necessities!.<br> Of course almost always our conscience is
          remaining dancing between two attraction poles: The first
          one on our sexual area, and the second one on the
          highest area of our head.<br> And to climb to the last
          and more pleasing spiritual level (on which we can
          attain the Ecstasis, or Samadhi, or Satori...) we need
          to join all our concentration.��<br> But the
          powerful pole of the seXual attraction (which of course is
          super-pleasing and absorbing) constantly is interfering and
          making desires hindering the last big spiritual leap
          (although when the person is already totally absorbed into
          the spiritual sphere they are very subtles).��<br>
          But the natural decreasing of our biologic-sexual
          activity is providing us the capacity of full
          concentration. Which allow us to accede to the unexpected Total
          Fullness.<br> If a man live doing a controlled and without
          excess use of his sexual capacity. The marvellous
          existential gift of the decreasing of the attraction strength
          of his sexual pole wil happen around his 50 years
          old. Giving him the opportunity of a new youth time,
          which will be lived on the total freedom.��<br> But if
          he�persist on using at maximum his seXual capacity. Although
          unavoidably (to his unhappiness!) it will go decreasing with
          the years. He could have sexual relations with 75 or
          even 80 years old.<br> But he will be losing the
          opportunity to know there is other kind of constant
          satisfaction infinitely highest to the most wonderful and
          desbordant orgasm.<br> ---ooo0ooo---��
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              http://www.geocities.com/rochestertourney/ THANKSSSSS
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                i never know when you play! Or where! Could you let me know what i do to find out this information? Thanks .....my new e-mail address is
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                  i never know when you play! Or where! Could you let me know what i do to find out this information? Thanks .....my new e-mail address is rsnider@...
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                  http://www.rochestertourney.freeservers.com/ THANKSSSSSS
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