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78Hey all! Touching base, new news, etc... :)

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  • mattsdolls
    May 11, 2011
      HI everyone!

      As you can imagine, I am deeply entrenched in getting ready for The Barbie Convention!! Fabric and dolls are flying in a big ol' Tazmanian Devil sort of whirlwind...lol

      My goal is to have a few more gals than normal for Ft Lauderdale, to tempt everyone even worse than usual!....maybe they'll last more than one day! *giggle* As usual, we arrive on the Sunday before convention, but will be open for sales the next day (Monday) Matt T will also have a bevy (that doesn't sound right...what is the collective for hunks?--- a hoard? hehe)of his beautiful OOAK Ken dolls available for sale as well, so if you have lonely dollies, save some convention dollars for one of his cutie-pie boy creations!

      Also, I want to let you know that I have the honor of participating in the Italian Doll Convention's Charity Auction! The auction will be held on EBAY, beginning May 15th-- so everyone can participate and help raise a ton of money to help the world's children ^_^

      You can see her here: http://mattsutton.com/LABELLANOTTE.html

      and for more information, including the auction links (when they go live) please check out the Italian Doll Convention's site:

      ...and just to be a tease, I am hoping, in a couple of weeks, to have a small collection fo dolls available for sale here on the group! Consider it a pre-Convention collection for my favorite group of people! ^_^ More info to follow, and you know I'll give you a heads up on a specific date!

      Love to all!!