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184repost of new dolls link...and a question to the group.

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  • Matt S.
    Aug 25, 2013
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      Hey all!

      Ignore this if you've already seen it-- I don't mean to "spam" you ^_^

      I think yahoo groups was having issues yesterday-- the post I sent about the new dolls, with the link, arrived in my inbox and hour after I posted it (!), my friend said it arrived in their box last night (!!) and I just got an email saying they never got the email (!!!)

      Here's the link.... http://mattsutton.com/firsttoknow

      In the past, dolls for sale on the group have depended upon available time in between conventions. Usually only once, if at all.

      This year I will be having more regular "in between convention" collections-- there will be 2, *maybe* 3 between now and the next Barbie convention.

      My question is this-- if yahoo groups is starting to become an unreliable source to relay this info to you guys, would you prefer a private FaceBook group? One that is invitation only and not accessible to "outsiders".....

      Please email me at shooby32@... I'd really appreciate your input on this matter, as I want this to be a smooth and non stressful procedure for all of us! Dolls should be fun!

      Thanks so much!!