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153concern over postings by members

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  • mattsdolls
    Apr 18, 2012
      Hi everyone!

      Recently there have been concerns over the amount of emails folks have been receiving as well as concerns regarding security...

      I take these things very seriously-- I value each of you, and wouldn't want any harm (or annoyance) for anyone here. Please know that there is NO BREACH OF SECURITY or innapropriate matter-- only concerns.

      My Yahoo group was created as a way to let folks know about new dolls as they became available-- it's been around since 2009, and is a nice small group. There has never been any spam, and I have to approve each membership before they can post. In general we are a quiet lot-- I only post a couple of times a year-- but when I post often folks respond, and then it dies down ^_^

      The emails folks have been getting have been responses by other members to my update of a couple of days ago--

      No one is personally emailing any one member with these posts-- they are just repsonding to my post, and that goes back out through the group. If you were set up for "individual emails" then each post came through that way. If you had been set up to receive updates with a "daily digest" you would have only gotten one email, etc...

      To any possible concerns, if you were receiving "individual emails" or "digest" I have reset you to "Special notices"-- that means you will only receive emails/posts directly from me, and only if I mark it a "special notice" If members have further concerns they can also hide their email address. This should stop any unwanted emails and conversations from cluttering anyone's email box, while still allowing new doll info to get through to you :)

      If anyone has any further questions, feel free to email me personally at shooby32@...

      Much love to all,