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144Re: [Matthew Sutton OOAK list] Touching base with my peeps! :)

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  • Matthew Sutton
    Apr 18, 2012
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      Hey David!
      haha-- thanks for the offer of  being "security".... yeah last year was a little crazy but I'm thankful for the support of so many folks, so I can't complain :)
      I can't wait to see you and Karen and Maryann and all my Aussies!!
      *bug hugs*

      From: David Snelling <jordyboy2000@...>
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      Sent: Monday, April 16, 2012 10:00 PM
      Subject: Re: [Matthew Sutton OOAK list] Touching base with my peeps! :)

      Hey Mats, so good to hear from both of you!
      Believe me I understand about disappearing for a while, I've been there myself!
      May I thank both of you again for my Mad Men Betty and OOAK Ken :)
      They are both cherished and have pride of place in my cabinet! I love them so much!
      Maryann hates me so much! Lol
      We'll all be over again this year and I'm sharing a room with the lovely Karen!
      More Tim tams to be had in our late evening soirées!
      Okay, I'm a queen of his word, so this year I'm happy to be a friendly door security person to let in 3 or 4 at a time :)
      I too remember your face when the stampede of bodies came in your room last year, you were stressed!
      I've worked in customer service and have experience in function and crowd co ordination. Happy to help out!
      It'll be great to all catch up again!
      Hugs David :)

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      On 17/04/2012, at 11:33 AM, "mattsdolls" <shooby32@...> wrote:

      > Hi everyone!
      > I know it's been a long time since I've posted anything--I haven't forgotten all of you!!
      > Convention last year was a really successful one for me. Thanks to everyone who adopted one of my girls into their homes, and a special thanks to everyone who got swept up into the tidal wave of chaos that enveloped the room during room sales! (If I wasn't losing my hair before...lol..) I was caught quite off guard, but so thankful that there was the interest in my OOAKs ^_^ To all attending convention this year, we have a new plan so that shopping will be a more relaxed experience... for me too! lol!....maybe I should print out "I survived room shopping" tee shirts...? lol
      > As for the lack of posting by me in the last few months--most of you know,the end
      of last year was a really bad one for our family with the loss of my Dad. I know I try to have a little mini collection out in Fall for you guys, but it was tough to get focused and be creative with everything that happened. I want to let everyone know I am knee deep in working on beautiful new dollies for convention-- there's a storm of fabric, beads, and nude dolls everywhere around here! ^_^
      > ... You won't be disappointed come convention time, I promise!
      > I also wanted to let everyone know that like last year, Matt Trujillo and I are donating dolls for the IDC (Italian Doll Convention) to help out with their charity auction! Once I have some links and more info I will let you all know! ^_^
      > Anyways, much love and hugs to everyone, and thank you so much for your patience and for being part of our lives!
      > *smooch*
      > Matt
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