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Earn Extra Money From Stormpay.com (Daily Payment)

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  • mr sohel
    ITS TRUE ....MUST PAY U ...DAILY PAYMENT CONFUSED....!!! by StormPay.com Get Paid Daily From StormPay.com! StormPay members, • Would you like to get paid
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 2, 2005
       ITS TRUE ....MUST PAY U ...DAILY PAYMENT>>>>CONFUSED....!!!     



      by StormPay.com

      Get Paid Daily From StormPay.com!

      StormPay members,

      • Would you like to get paid for viewing

      • Would you like to get paid daily?

      • Would you like no cost to get started?

      • Would you like a reputable company managing the program?

      If you answered yes, "StormClix" by StormPay.com is the right place for you!

      StormPay.com is proud to introduce "StormClix". StormClix allows all StormPay members to click ads and get paid today. All payments made daily directly to your StormPay account. No tricks and no gimmicks! Log into your StormPay account and click the " StormClix" link, then "Browse Ads" to get started now.

      If you answered yes, "StormClix is the advertising solution
      you've been waiting for. StormClix allows you to set your own advertising budget
      from as low as $1.10. You choose what you want to spend and how many you want to
      view your ad. You can even choose to only show your advertisement to NetIBA
      certified members if you wish! Now you can get low cost, high quality, targeted
      unique clicks to your product or service. Get results today! To get started, log
      into your StormPay account and click the "StormClix" link. Next, click "Manage

      If you don't already have a StormPay.com account, please use the link to sign up -




      Get paid daily for clicking links!

      StormClix pays daily to your StormPay account for viewing links submitted by our advertisers. Your account will be credited once a day (at 9:00 PM Central Time) for all of that day's clicks.

      Easy to get paid - Just click on the advertiser's link, read the ad, and get paid!
      Get paid from 1¢ to $5 per click. You decide which links to click and get paid for.
      Choose one or choose all!

      You must view each link clicked for 20 seconds in order to get paid for it. If the next link is clicked too soon you will experience a 20 second countdown timer and then be redirected to the link. Once a link is clicked, you will not be able to click a second time. Once a link is clicked and the "browse" page is refreshed, the clicked link will no longer appear in the page view.

      Click the "Browse Clix" link below to get paid today.

      Dont hav any stormpay.com account don late creat an  account here----


      its really a great opportunity 4 u to make some eztra money.

      join and work confidently......


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                 ((¸¸.·´ .·´ -:¦:-
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