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Re: [time-space2] This Divine Creation: Without QM Fraud!

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  • MessiahTwain
    ~~ ~~~ yo Tom! It IS funny, being on the internet, where very few have learned to read or write, and here we are discussing (seemingly reading and writing!) on
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      yo Tom!

      It IS funny, being on the internet, where
      very few have learned to read or write, and
      here we are discussing (seemingly reading
      and writing!) on topics for which we had to
      go through hundreds of books and thousands
      of papers, and countless classrooms and
      labs and conferences ...

      To explain to someone who has never been
      to college or university, or worked for the govt
      or an aerospace corporation, how you show
      up in your General Relativity class at Stanford
      and the very first lecture (ref. the Classical
      Electrodynamics text) by Professor Robert
      Wagoner, and you are obliged to copy total
      nonsense from the chalkboard on which he
      is writing. [not picking on Wagoner, it is the
      same with every physics class or lab in all

      I remember the same from my earliest
      chemistry and physics labs, which got worse
      as you ascended to the upper division then
      graduate level then post-graduate labs.
      You didn't get through the lab unless you
      got the RIGHT results, which you might
      have to do time after time, CHANGING
      your procedures until they conformed
      with the theory and measurements and
      deriviations that you had to have. To even
      think about questioning the professor on
      this would be to bring academic ruin upon

      So the General Relativity manure began the
      same as the Special Relativity nonsense ...
      in SRT it was -- for the sake of conforming to
      the false formalism, mathematics, that was
      being promoted -- demanded that you state
      that the velocity of light was a constant, a
      number not a variable, and it was placed in
      the equation with the label C.

      Then you wind your way through the ten
      or twenty pages of his paper, with similar
      miss-statements all along, and come to the
      so-called conclusion, deriviation, that the
      velocity of light is THEREFORE (?) constant,
      and we will call it C!

      The institution, church, government, media,
      corporate state, is telling all of us that we are
      no longer permitted to go back to the start
      of the SRT paper and point out that the
      idiocy of calling the velocity of light constant
      was NOT a derivation, it was the artifice which
      was used to begin the whole meaningless
      charade! [Which every physicist in the world
      KNEW at the beginning of the 20th century,
      all light and electromagnetic phenomena
      demonstrated a variable lightspeed which
      was dependent on the speed and material
      of the medium, and upon the frequency
      of the wave.]

      Not even a few percent of the population are
      that unintelligent to admit that the Sun is black
      today, because you said it was, fifteen pages back.
      Servile enough, yes! Witness the 911 Banker's
      charade, when $50 Trillion was skimmed from
      the market, and some 90 percent of the North
      American population obeyed the dictum of
      the media anchors universal message of
      religious war.

      But back to our Classical Electrodynamics class ...
      the Jackson text as well as the classes began
      with the requirement that to model the dynamic
      relationships of the cosmos the equations
      REQUIRED that you BELIEVE that all the electrons
      and protons and other particles in the interstellar
      and intergalactic plasmaspheres be randomly
      oriented in their electromagnetic fields! Wait,
      say that again. All the fields have to cancel,
      in fact we will assume they do not exist, there
      are no electromagnetic fields, then and ONLY
      then can we write a GRAVITATION theory.

      Here you are in class, with this strange expression
      on your face, looking at the teacher and your
      classmates around you -- saying wait a minute,
      of course all the particles have fields, both
      individually and collectively. That is what
      electromagnetism is.

      And all you get back from you is command
      obediance. "No, the collective effect is zero."

      The more you smile, and chuckle, and talk
      about the electrodynamic particles and their
      collective stellar, galactic, and other fields ...
      the harder and angrier the looks and language
      get. Obviously the spectre of the university
      police coming to remove you from your class
      does not arise. No student, ever, that I have
      observed would even raise the eyebrows of
      their professors. Else they would never get
      a passing grade, or complete the quarter, or
      move on to the advanced courses, or ever
      graduate. Anyone with that kind of integrity
      would have never been admitted to the
      University to begin with.

      So, General Relativity. Identical to SR. Wholly
      bogus economic-military-political dogma.
      Page one you must define that the electromagnetic
      and electrodynamic experiences, the sacred
      and mystical, do NOT exist. You NEVER felt
      that magnet, never saw it hover. Never witnessed
      lightning. Never had a tingle down your spine.

      Never once in your life witnessed the Sunrise.

      Never had your hair raised in fright ... accept in
      that laboratory, in that classroom nightmare!

      Of the monster of murder, the global corporate
      consumer state ... of mindless, soul-less,
      ignorant servitude.

      Sans all our spirit relations,

      Millennium Twain


      --- tomkar <tomkar> wrote:

      Twain ---you are correct.

      I would agree GR is not all that it is cracked up to be.
      Einstein never received a Nobel prize for GR, which is
      odd, if it really had merit.

      GR is a pop star of physics. It is time to put aside the
      time space warpage, and space time drags, and go
      back to a fundamentally workable ether theory, or
      Zero Point Energy theory or what ever you want to
      call it, maybe improved string theory.

      It was fun while it lasted, this GR religion no one
      could understand, or explain to the common folk.
      How high and mighty were the mystic scientist,
      in the end, only an old man behind a curtain,
      shooting of bells and whistles. No productivity,
      no answers, no direction, just a show, just a
      story to entertain.

      Tom and Carole

      ----- Original Message -----

      From: MessiahTwain


      General Relativity is whole rubbish.

      No correspondence with nature/experience ...

      none in the assumptions, none in the discussions
      and analysis, and none in the derivations.

      to say otherwise is to have never have read or
      studied GR, and to never have observed or
      discussed or studied nature before and within

      we are not discussing here wannabee physicist's
      abilities to behave in obediance to the strictures
      of the corporate state ... to be the priests of the
      military industry ...

      we are speaking here of true students of nature,
      in service to the divine human family,

      and all our sacred relations,

      Millennium Twain

      truly said, however, that Quantum Mechanics
      (and Special Relativity) stood up from day one
      proclaiming to be the voice of the JudeoChristian
      Church of political consumer conformity!


      --- In cyclesi@yahoogroups .com, Ray Tomes <ray@...> wrote:
      Re: [cyclesi] Cyclical universe/Chuck/ Ray

      Gary wrote:
      > ... It is inconceivable to me that GR is considered the
      > authority in gravity and astrophysics and that virtually
      all physics
      > departments at universities, and virtually all journal
      editors are so
      > entrenched, and simply ignore that there is no physical
      basis to the
      > theory whatsoever. Please comment.
      To me words like "physical basis" are a problem. That
      simply means that
      you don't have a picture in your mind. I cannot understand
      why anyone
      would have a problem with the maths of GR as it works in
      all known cases
      correctly. This is unlike QM where they change the rules
      whenever it
      gets a wrong result and pretend that it was right all

      Certainly a model is useful, but you can get a model for GR
      from an
      aether theory with either a tensile medium or a fluid
      medium. Many
      physicists do not understand this, but it has been proven
      that LET (Lorenz Ether Theory) gives identical predictions.
      If you want
      a push gravity then you can do it quite happily working
      with a fluid
      aether and LET and get all the same answers as GR.

      If you think that push gravity will get different answers
      then I would
      check your calculations very carefully.

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