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Help determine the fate of the WTM group

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  • HolyQuest
    In a message dated 7/27/2001 10:12:05 PM Eastern Daylight Time, ccarter@peganet.com writes: > Could you tell me a bit about the yahoo group
    Message 1 of 22 , Jul 28, 2001
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      In a message dated 7/27/2001 10:12:05 PM Eastern
      Daylight Time, ccarter@... writes:<br><br>>
      Could you tell me a bit about the yahoo group
      Melonie<br>> set up? Knowing more about it might make it
      easier for me<br>> to evaluate the
      options.<br><br>This is the link to the yahoo group Melonie started.
      Yahoo! Clubs masontriviumgroup It is Called "Mason
      Trivium Group" because I believe that Melonie was
      interested in both Charlotte Mason and WTM when she authored
      the site. I am already signed up and anyone of you
      who are not, can sign-up free at anytime. Here is how
      keeping in touch this way would work:<br><br>1. Once a
      person has joined this yahoo group, s/he could either go
      to this site and post or s/he may REPLY to an email
      from someone from this group. Either way, her/his
      message would be sent to all members of the group via
      email.<br><br>2. When I receive this message from this person in
      my email, I can either READ it, DELETE it, or REPLY
      to it. If I REPLY to it, it will be sent to all the
      members via email as well as posted to the board listed
      above.<br><br>3. And so on and so on and so on... otherwise known
      as an email loop complete with bulletin
      board.<br><br>4. Important to note: when you join this group
      listed above, you must set your preferences to RECEIVE
      EMAILS from the board or you will have to log onto the
      board every time you want to read the posts. They
      provide this option for people who prefer to not receive
      the emails and would rather just go to the board when
      they are able to.<br><br>I hope this explanation
      helps. Let me kow what you all decide to do. I am
      leaning in the direction of using this board because
      after all, it is already there and it is free and we
      would not have to leave our house with everything else
      we all have going on in our lives. If you all prefer
      to meet, we could do that instead. <br><br>Of
      course, there is always the option of doing both. What I
      mean is, we can use the board whenever we have
      questions, ideas, etc. but we can still plan to meet once a
      month for face to face contact. Here is an example of
      what I mean: Perhaps I post to the board and you all
      read that I have purchased a great new book that I
      love related somehow to WTM and I tell you all I will
      bring it to the next meeting. Next, at the meeting that
      month, you are all able to check it out whilst we do
      whatever esle we might do at our meeting.<br><br>Whatever
      we plan to do, I volunteer to give the proper
      officials the details... Leslie so she knows what to tell
      others, Gwen so she can post dates of meetings in the
      SuperCalendar (which is a GREAT FREE tool and if you are not
      using it you must be silly :) and to whomever esle we
      deem necessary... like Adrienne for the monthly
      Bulletin. I will not need to tell Connie Carter for the
      GCHSA monthly newsletter as long as she remains a part
      of this WTM group.<br><br>Well that's that!<br>Think
      it over<br>Love Rachell <br><br>Ps I will post this
      message to the link above for the benefit of all those
      who have already joined.
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