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Re: [mary_russell_contest] Yolanda's Challenge: Wedding Plans

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  • Gail Lelyveld
    I like it. Gail Lelyveld
    Message 1 of 3 , May 24, 2010
      I like it. Gail Lelyveld

      On Sun, May 23, 2010 at 11:10 PM, 5 Cat Flowers <roseriter@...> wrote:

      This drabble business is hard! First draft came in at nearly 600 words. Fortunately, someone generously allowed a double.

      I can't find my Monstrous Regiment, so I can't smoothly transition, but this scene takes place after the engagement handshake, after Lestrade has finished questioning them, close to dawn.


      When we reached my chrome tubes flat, Holmes broke his silence. "Russell, most women expect a different engagement celebration."

      Relieved to have matters settled, I started a denial. I tempered with, "I could have dispensed with being hit, fearing you dead, and spending the night in Scotland Yard."

      "I agree. Your generation puts mine in pillory for its lack of emotion. But my aim has always been to conduct myself in synchrony with my inner life. Thus, verbal expression of my constant, abiding affection, respect, and love for you should be unnecessary."

      I considered our six years. "Holmes, you have met your aim."

      "Nevertheless, on the occasion of one's engagement, it is traditional to assure one's fiancee of one's love as motivator for the proposal, and as tradition guides my steps, I do so assure you, dear Russell." Holmes kissed my hand.

      I swallowed and asked, "Does the Victorian gentleman part from his fiancee after securing her promise?"

      "Yes. He generously allows a time of repose before hustling her to the Registry office." He looked apprehensive. "Unless you intend to confound me with a synagogue wedding."

      "No, we shall decorously retire to our couches and attend the Registry Office later. Besides this stranger called sleep, I need practice saying 'I, Mary, take thee, Sherlock.'"

      "Don't be so hidebound. I, Holmes, intend to take thee, Russell, or there's no point in it." He kept my hand. "The Registry Office opens in a few hours."

      "Come in, Holmes. I'll make coffee."

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