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  • saturniaregna
    Hello, This is the latest update on the Jealousy Management Conference - happening, October 14-16, 2005, in Berkeley, California. We have a FABULOUS group of
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      This is the latest update on the Jealousy Management Conference -
      happening, October 14-16, 2005, in Berkeley, California.

      We have a FABULOUS group of Polyamorous Singers and Musicians
      performing on Saturday Night - "TES AND THE GOD SQUAD." (Those
      registered for the conference can attend the performance for no
      additional cost. Those wishing to attend ONLY the performance may do
      so for $15)

      The line up of presenters and schedule has also changed slighly. If
      you wish to obtain info about the schedule of events as it currently
      stands, click on the web link given below.


      Several points to bear in mind:

      1. The current discount rate of $139 is still in effect until Oct 6th
      The price officially goes up OCT 7th to $199. We have some
      limited space for work exchange people, - ie those willing to help
      promote the event, help with registration, help with videoing, help
      with clean up etc. There are also a variety of discounts such as for
      students, veterans, members of Saturnia Regna, members of the World
      Polyamory Association, people who attended the previous Jealousy
      Management Conference, members of Love+Politics, members of
      Weirdness.org etc. We are trying to be as accomodating as possible to
      anyone who is sincerely interested in attending.

      2. No meals or lodging is included in the price. However, it is
      being held in a suburban setting, with numerous affordable stores,
      hotels, motels, cafes and restaurants nearby.

      3. This is a small, local event. It tends attract mostly people
      from Berkeley, the San Francisco Bay area, Marin County and residing
      elsewhere in Northern Calif. However, we already have people coming
      from as west as Hawaii, as far north as Seattle, as far south as
      Mexico, as well as from New England, Virginia, Florida and other
      parts of the east coast. All are welcome.

      4. Although this is technically a Jealousy Management Conference, not
      officially a Polyamory Conference, the last time we did this,
      effectively 100% of the people who attended were polyamorous people.
      Because of the nature of the event, - specifically focused on
      emotional issues and psychological matters, it tends to attract a
      much higher proportion of sincere poly people - as opposed to those
      who are merely "curious" about polyamory. Something about the
      prospect of being invited to face delicate emotions like jealousy,
      insecurity, fear of abandonment, emotional pain, etc. - while it
      seems to strongly attract those who are genuinely trying to live a
      polyamorous lifestyle, it seems to discourage most cruisers, clueless
      hornies and novelty seekers.


      Or contact Dave: 415-577-6015

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