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Harbin PolyCon '07 Preliminary Program October 5-7, 2007

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  • Janet Kira Lessin
    Harbin PolyCon 07 Preliminary Program October 5-7, 2007 Celebrate Relationship Choice & Sacred Sexuality 2007 WORLD POLYAMORY HARBIN HOT SPRINGS CA CONFERENCE
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      Harbin PolyCon '07 Preliminary Program October 5-7, 2007

      Celebrate Relationship Choice & Sacred Sexuality

      Schedule below is tentative, subject to change. Locales are
      abbreviated as follows Conference Center = CC; Lower Pool = LP; Upper
      Pool = UP; Back Patio = BP, LL = Lower Lounge

      Friday October 5
      2 - 3 PM Registration BP

      3 - 3:30PM
      Newcomer's Circle: ORIENTING TO POLYAMORY- Terry & Paul Brussel-
      Gibbons UP
      Terry and Paul and oldtimers gather in a corner of the conference
      room. Oldtimers and newcomers question each other and share
      experiences. This orientation is especially designed for those new to
      polyamory and/or for those attending their first polyamory
      conference, - but all are welcome. It's a good place to begin getting
      your burning questions answered, get your feet wet and begin to get
      to know your fellow participants at the conference.

      3:30- 4-PM WELCOME, Logistics, Schedule - Janet Kira Lessin, Dave
      Doleshal CC
      Etiquette of contact, nudity, quiet areas in Harbin, areas where
      noise and sexuality's ok, no smoking or fires, signup for cups, etc.

      Janet Kira Lessin CC
      Friday, after dinner, mill around the big conference room, shake each
      others' hands and gaze in one another's eyes. Feel attractions that
      arise. Then, based on attractions sit with six to twelve other folks.

      The group you choose is your POD. It's the group you tell who you are
      and what we want. Your pod's the sacred circle of souls who encourage
      you to get what you want at the conference and in life. You talk now,
      and will talk Saturday morning and again Sunday, just before the
      conference ends. You share with your pod mates about what you learn
      about yourselves as you explore poly loving.

      Pods, then, are small face-to-face primary groups for conference
      integration. Your pod's a safe space to nourish community
      consciousness, create intimate, relationships us and our podners––the
      people in your pod––-can open-up, share what you deeply value and,
      most importantly, experience loving support for who you are and what
      you do.

      5 - 5:15PM Harbin Rules - Loren Matthiews CC
      Quiet areas in Harbin, areas where noise and sexuality's ok, no
      smoking or fires, etc. reiterated

      Francoise CC
      Meet and greet others in a rotating circle we form of beautiful
      people, enjoying playful, sensual exercises with sensitive guidance.
      This ancient, nurturing art lets you discover how easy it is to love
      everyone when possessed by the tantric spirit.

      6:15 - 7:15PM Dinner CC

      7:15 - 8:15PM The Ethical Slut: Values, Ethics and Love - Dossie
      Easton CC
      Dossie Easton will speak about how our values have evolved into
      communities, and the many and wonderful ways in which ethical sluts
      share love.

      8:15 - 9:15PM HOW WE DO POLY - Janet Kira Lessin, Panel, Participants
      Panel led by Janet Kira Lessin includes polys of several varieties
      and everyone else who wishes to share how they make polyamory work
      for them. The audience gets to ask questions, so everyone's included.
      Newbies get valuable answers to begin their poly lives.

      POLYS - Chris Luth CC
      We start with a playful & humorous introductory process. Then we use
      various ancient Chinese Qi Gong internal energy exercises to
      stimulate our vital chi energy to fully ground us in our bodies.
      Next, we experience partnered exercises which open our heart centers.
      With partners, then as a group we gradually move from sensuality to
      eroticism and, ultimately, to free-flow play with an emphasis on
      frolic, fun and joy.

      SATURDAY, October 6

      8 - 9AM Breakfast cc

      Lessin, Janet Kira Lessin CC
      You share your name and a motion that the group to imitates to get a
      feeling of what it's like to be you this morning. Then you rejoin
      your pod (or shift pods) and review what you wanted to get out of
      this conference, what's happened so far, how you're doing getting
      what you said you wanted, what you want now and what steps you can
      take today to get what you want.

      9:35 - 9:45AM Morning Presenters' Previews CC
      Anita De Francesco and Dossie Easton preview their morning workshops.

      9:50AM - 12:50 PM
      TANTRA PEOPLE LOVE POLY - Anita De Francesco M.A.
      In this workshop you learn to shift your presence of being. Awaken
      your passion and thrive in your energy at different levels. Explore
      the way out of suffering while embracing in your center force of
      love. Emerge into being the person you are without reservation. We
      explore breath levels, character movement, conscious touch. Learn the
      way to the "sexual heart" with full liberation.

      UNLEARNING JEALOUSY - Dossie Easton CC
      Wherever you learned how to be jealous, and whatever you have been
      taught about how jealousy ought to be, you can unlearn. The real
      secret of polyamory is that jealousy is not carved in stone, but
      amenable to growth and change. Ethical Slut co-author Dossie Easton
      leads exercises on communicating about and working with whatever that
      complex of emotions is for you that you call jealousy. You can dig
      into and safely move into ownership of your jealousy while you learn
      to take care of yourself in a kindly and loving manner if you feel
      jealous. You can immediately apply the jealousy unlearning skills as
      you meet emotional challenges of new friendships at the conference.

      1 - 2PM Lunch CC

      2 - 2:15PM Afternoon Presenters' Preview CC
      Terry and Paul Brussel-Gibbons, Dr. Harold Haridas Kornylak, Dr.
      Danielle Harel, Ph.D and Celeste Hirschman, Dr. Dave Doleshal, David
      Spero & Aisha Kassahoun, Paul Glassco & Alicia Forester and Gabriella
      Shannon preview what they'll present this afternoon.

      Brussel-Gibbons LL
      Slay the green eyed monster. Release sexual inhibitions which are no
      longer serving you. Learn how you can experience the delights of
      sexualove combined with intense spiritual connection. Grow Closer
      through verbal and non verbal exercises. Finally, bring your senses
      alive through guided fantasy–-orchestrated Hypnomassage for dyads,
      triads and loving groups. Romantic music heightens the intimacy.

      LOVING BEYOND THE DYAD - Dr. Harold Haridas Kornylak CC
      An enduring, fulfilling two person partnership is rare enough. Even
      most animals tend to pair-bond. It's totally impractical to think of
      expanding beyond the dyad, perhaps to 3, or 4? In Beyond the Dance of
      Two, we explore the unique dynamics when more than 2 relate. We
      explore how to keep a triad from being a pair plus one. Gain insight
      into your relating style and how compatible it is for going beyond
      the dyad. (Discussion and experiential exercises).

      INTRODUCTION TO THE TEMPLE OF ORGASM - Paul Glassco & Alicia Forester
      Orgasm is nature's very pleasurable way of bringing us moments of
      trancendence and contact with the divine. It can be a delightful way
      to stay happy and healthy. The Temple of Orgasm is devoted to
      supporting you in sustained ecstatic consciousness. The Temple is a
      sacred space to share orgasms communally.

      This talk features Temple of Orgasm founder Paul Glassco and
      Temple celebrant Alicia Forester. We will talk about the actual
      ambience in the Temple. Alicia will talk about her initial skepticism
      and how that transformed into great appreciation. Paul will tell how
      this unique erotic expression arose. And of course Q & A.

      We are planning to set up a Temple space near the conference
      center. Come celebrate with us!

      4 - 5:30PM TRIADS - Dr. Danielle Harel, Ph.D & Celeste Hirschman,
      M.A. UP

      Bringing a third person to the relationship is one thing, but
      bringing them into your bed is a different story. The option of
      finding another partner and having a threesome often comes up as a
      fun and exciting option. The truth is, lots of people fantasize about
      having one, but making it sexy, safe and satisfying for everyone can
      seem a bit challenging. If you've ever thought about a ménage à trios
      or tried it and it didn't quite work out, this workshop with Sex and
      Intimacy Coaches Danielle Harel, Ph.D. and Celeste Hirschman, M.A the
      creators of the Become an Extraordinary Lover Workshops, is for you.

      You'll learn ways to make sure everyone gets what they want, and, of
      course, hot threesome sex tips. With these tools in hand, you'll be
      able to turn your fantasies into amazing real-life experiences. This
      workshop focuses on m/f couples, with either male or female thirds.

      There are many good ideas and effective techniques that can be used
      to manage jealousy. All of them work at least to some extent. This
      workshop will include two others that are very powerful, easy to
      learn, but not yet widely known within the polyamory community.
      These are the methods originally pioneered by psychologist Roger
      Callahan and methods invented by Dr. Edward Bach, a British
      Homeopathic physician.

      DISABILITY - David Spero & Aisha Kassahoun

      David's lived 25 years twenty-five years with multiple sclierosis;
      Aisha has been with him all that time. Changing health caused them
      to move into polyamory to preserve and expand their marriage. They
      discuss barriers to sexuality with illness and disability; then share
      ways, including polyamory, to transcend the barriers. David an Aisha
      lead role-play experientials to understand disabilty, and love
      through it and help others love when they meet illness or disability.

      THE GODDESS WITHIN - Gabriella Shannon CC
      I discuss
      *the value of seeing the beloved in every person,
      *using our sexuality as the most effective "love delivery system,"
      *the discrepancy between values we hold in our lives regarding
      freedom, inclusivity, sharing, generosity and diversity and the way
      we do relationships
      *bridging the gap between neo tantra and ancient Eastern tantrism so
      we can benefit from both
      Then I teach basic bellydancing and help you develop your own goddess
      and god dance

      6:30- 7:30PM Dinner CC

      PLANET - Serena Anderlini-D'Onofrio CC

      Author and theorist Serena Anderlini-D'Onofrio explains in this
      keynote talk why bisexual polyamorous love's good for the planet.
      Today's Polys invented the tools of highly ecological lovestyles
      that'll come in handy on a global scale when the creation of a new
      politics of love that can save Earth from human-made scarcity and
      self-destruction become necessary.

      Devi and Michael McClure CC

      This playful interactive puja-style playshop opens your heart and
      helps you expand into your deepest truths. It's a hands-on
      exploration of authentic love to help reveal your limiting beliefs
      and direct experiences. It will use provocative inquiry and small
      group games.

      SUNDAY, October 6

      8-9AM Breakfast CC

      9-9:15AM Presenters' Previews - Master Rex & Ms. Jane, Amber Seitz,
      Kirsten Rose, Master Rex & Miss Jane, and Kelly Bryson preview
      presentations they present this morning. CC

      THE KINK WORLD - Master Rex & Ms. Jane CC
      his workshop deals with the skills and etiquette required for BDSM
      power exchange and how they are applied in the real world to make
      life a simple pleasure. The approaches to negotiation and conflict
      resolution that are essential to successfully navigate the world of
      fetish and kink have direct benefits if properly and discretely
      applied in the world of relationship and business. With my submissive
      sex slave as a demo helper, I will cover all the basic tools that we
      can use as well as give a gentle and appetizing introduction to the
      world of Slaves and Masters. Fun and enjoyable.

      Tansu's a bodywork experience to share with partners with whom
      you can be close to in an intimate but noninvasive whole-body holds.
      On the rug, wearing loose clothing, partners cuddle each other
      their legs and share deep connected breathing which leads to
      a whole-body energetic activation.

      Rose UP
      Polyamory is often defined as several separate relationships going on
      simultaneously. However, an alternative perspective, inspired by
      shamanism, tantra and family systems theory, is to view polyamory all
      as one single relationship that encompasses multiple persons and
      multiple points of responsibility. Viewing relationships this way
      resolves a number of practical "problems" often confronting people
      wishing to create and sustain non-monogamous lifestyles.

      Kelly Bryson, M.A. CC
      The Sacred Matrix is the original, trans-historical, non-alienated,
      cosmic, and divine matrix of universal life. According to the plan
      of Creation for the human being, we are to realize it on earth. It
      is not a dream, but a deep, deep memory that wells up inside of us
      when we touch the Sacred, and this memory keeps re-creating our
      yearning. For the sake of truth we cannot but find and follow the
      content of this yearning in its entirety, for the yearning that is
      recognized and not suppressed or sentimentalized is the signpost that
      leads us to our sacred home.

      We will have a talk, then an experience of the Sacred Matrix, then a

      Communities of the future and projects for a new way of life can only
      function in the long term if their members know and understand the
      principle of free love, if they know that it is not in opposition to
      an ethic of faithfulness and responsibility, and if they know that
      one is allowed to follow it. In order for this new force to develop,
      we need an encompassing environment of freedom and community. All
      forms of ideology or group pressure are counterproductive when it
      comes to such deep changes in our core areas. This is true for our
      erotic as well as for our mental and spiritual sources.

      THE BI - POLY OPTION - Ed Jor-El Elkin, Ph. D. & Janet Kira Lessin
      Explore bi-sexual polyamorous relationship in a safe and supportive
      environment. This workshop is for all levels of interest, especially
      for the bi-Curious as well as the bisexually experienced. A
      theoretical and experiential guide to the bi-poly option with guided
      imagery, pair and multiple partner exercises. Using movement and
      dance, transformational theater and role-playing exercises with
      opposite sex and same sex partners, we explore the bi-poly option in
      fantasy and in "reality".

      12:15 - 1:15 PM POD RETROSPECTIVE & PARTING PUJA - Sasha Lessin,
      Janet Kira Lessin CC
      We gaze into the eyes of each person in our Harbin poly community,
      return to our pods to review to what degree we got what we sought
      here and what we learned.

      1:15 -2:15PM Lunch Cc

      2:15 - 3PM NETWORKING Time CC.

      5 -10PM Those who signed up for Friday, Saturday and Sunday enjoy
      Harbin till 10PM tonight

      5PM - rest of the night POST-CONFERENCE CELEBRATION
      TEMPLE OF ORGASM - Paul Glassco & Alicia Forester CC
      This postconference experience costs an additional $45 and lets you
      stay overnight at Harbin till 10AM Tuesday, Oct 8.

      Orgasm is nature's very pleasurable way of bringing us moments of
      trancendence and contact with the divine. It can be a delightful way
      to stay happy and healthy. The Temple of Orgasm is devoted to
      supporting you in sustained ecstatic consciousness. The Temple is a
      sacred space to share orgasms communally.

      World Polyamory Association, Maui, HI
      www.worldpolyamoryassociation.com, 808-244-4103,

      Polys have a private, two-pool sanctuary for weekend workshops and
      panels on
      * Finding Potential Poly Partners at this Conference
      * Pair-dating
      * Creating a Freely Loving Community Based on the Sacred Matrix
      * Unlearning Jealousy
      * Romantic Polyamorous Love
      * Multiple-partner Sexuality
      * The Dance of Poly Loving
      * Tantra for Polys
      * Triads
      * Learning to Love in a Foursome
      * Bisexual Polyamorous Group Marriage
      * How You Do Poly
      * Power Exchange & Kink-world Tools for Polys

      We'll have panel discussions, jealousy management experiments, fun
      party and opportunities to opportunities to network.

      Camp, get a room, or sleep in the group area

      Harbin Hot Springs, CA near Middleton (two hours from both San
      Francisco), nestles on 1200 acres of beautiful canyon land. It offers
      natural healing waters (hot, warm and cold pools), miles of hiking
      trails. The Poly Conference's area is totally private within Harbin;
      in our area, we can be openly affectionate and even sexual. Harbin is
      a clothes-optional facility.

      The Harbin Poly Conference includes interactive workshops on pair
      bonding, romantic love, multiple-partner sexuality, bisexual loving,
      nonviolent compassionate communication for plural lovers and
      choreographing the dance of poly loving. There's panel discussions,
      jealousy management experiments, opportunities for networking, a fun
      party and a many opportunities to experience living compersion––
      empathy for others' love-joy. Participants build community as they
      move from experience to experience.

      We at The World Polyamory Association (WPA) facilitate global
      healing. We contribute to healing the world when we help individuals
      feel good about themselves and honor their gender, relationship
      choices, sexual preferences and sexual orientation.

      Polyamory means loving more than one person in an intimate
      relationship without deceit. We're all polyamorous, meaning we love
      more than one. Most of us have intimate relationships in our lives;
      we love our families and friends as well as our lovers. Intimates
      help us see and love ourselves, share love and be loved. The media
      confounds polyamory–multiple loving with poly-sex–sexual intercourse
      with contemporary multiple partners. While some of us are poly-coital
      and some not, we all need to be polyamorous for the intimacy that
      sustains us and the world. WPA supports love, amory and your search
      for love through your freedom to choose the relationships that work
      for you now, at this stage of your life.

      The World Polyamory Association conferences strive to shift the
      planet into a more loving space, to create a civilized civilization
      free of personal, inter-personal and global strife. We play, enjoy
      song, dance, network and also heal at our conferences with the help
      of our team of teachers from the consciousness and free choice
      movement who present workshops, panel discussions, seminars, dance,
      song, movement, massage experiences. We feature workshops that
      simultaneously educate, let you play and create networking
      opportunities for you.

      We Polys have a private, two-pool sanctuary for the weekend for
      rapping individually with the presenters, networking, vetting
      potential polymates, panel discussions and partying

      Namaste and Shaloha,
      Janet Kira Lessin, President, World Polyamory Association

      http://www.worldpolyamoryassociation.com/conferences.html for more
      information or call 808-244-4103 (Janet & Sasha) or 415-577-6015
      (Dave). We'd love to chat with you and answer all your questions.
      We're very excited to bring you these conferences
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