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Re: [marshallsmicro8s] Scanning your snapshots to DVD

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  • Carol Curtis
    HI Cort and Diane, Yes scanning photos is slow and tedious, I ve scanned just over a 1,000 over about a year s time. I stopped scanning and photo shopping
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      HI Cort and Diane,

      Yes scanning photos is slow and tedious, I've scanned just over a 1,000 over about a year's time.  I stopped scanning and photo shopping when I got lazy and my fingers from photo shopping started bothering me.  But I looked at the link and could see nothing in regards to scanning discounts.  Also I was surprised that many of the offers indicated that the places were located in Utah.  But where is the discount for scanning?

      What I've scanned are slides and a few photo negatives.  Also I thought you were sending me a couple of tickets for a performance in Salt Lake that you have.  If you don't have them any more that is absolutely fine, just wondering!!

      Thank you for this information...


      On Wed, Aug 21, 2013 at 12:39 PM, Cort and Diane Kloke <kloke@...> wrote:

      Hello Friends,   As you all know, after our fire and with the help of our friends, we salvaged a great number of our photos and snapshots, but by no means all, and after that experience we realized that we really wished we had previously had them scanned and saved to DVD.  We have done that with a few, and have even bought a scanner, but because we have thousands of photos, we have never done the laborious work of scanning them.  When we looked into having them scanned professionally it was extremely expensive.
      Now Groupon has an offer that is only about 15% of the normal cost of having this done professionally at only $30 for each 1000 4x6 photos scanned including return shipping.  We have never dealt with this company before but it is in Irvine and for locals the website gives a number for an appointment to walk the photos in rather than mailing them.
      We are having 5000 of our photos scanned.    It must be completed within six months.
      If we have sent this to you more than once, or if you just hate getting this kind of email, please excuse us!

      Cort and Diane Kloke

      "The earth is but one country and mankind its citizens."   Baha'i Writings
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