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RE: [marshallsmicro8s] Charlene?

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  • Kathy Uphaus
    (Charlene, just got another message saying an e-mail I sent to you, Steve & Diane and Steve & Sue failed to get to you. I m pasting the message below and
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      (Charlene, just got another message saying an e-mail I sent to you, Steve & Diane and Steve & Sue failed to get to you. I'm pasting the message below and hoping it will get to you through this direct reply. If not, may have to resort to sending it to the whole group! Wait, I see Charlene's message came from the whole group address. Sorry to bother the rest of you, but this seems to be the only way I can get through to Charlene!)

      Resurfacing from a nice getaway to snowy New Hampshire, Connecticut, and New York - having a quiet day holed up in our hotel in NYC trying to catch up on various and sundry. One of the sundries being reassuring myself that I've provided the correct date for the visit proposal addressed above, which is Thursday, April 25. I've been having the sense that I mentioned the right day but the wrong date previously.

      Charlene, we hope you will be recovered enough to join us but if not will look forward to getting you out at some later date.

      Steve Shattock, I hope Sue OK's this venture!


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      Hi Kathy, I am on  the list, don't know what happened except there are a lot on the list I have not open.  I had total knee replacement two weeks ago and am doing just fine, but not sure when I can drive.  I'm spending a couple weeks in Burke rehab as I found out they have a great therapy program. Being in the rehab is not that fun, but it provides 2 hours of occupational and physical therapy a day.  Already I am just needing a cane.  I would love to meet up with you all, I just  need to be reminded when they are coming.
      I'll try to figure out what my email is doing.  Thanks for thinking of me. Charlene

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      Charlene, if you're on this list please e-mail kathyuphaus@.... Just tried to e-mail you about a possible get together when Steve & Diane visit but the address I had bounced back.



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