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Save the Date: Charity Dinner

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  • kathysalama@gmail.com
    here you go, mark! thanks! Date: Wed, 2 Apr 2008 07:41:53 -0700From: kathysalama@gmail.comTo: shoozieq@hotmail.comSubject: Save the Date: Charity Dinner Suzie,
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 16, 2008
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      You are coodinally invited to the 2nd Annual Coptic Integrated Family Charity Banquet Dinner on Sunday, 18th May 2008 from 4:PM onwards at Ani's Banquet Hall.

      Ani's Banquet Hall is located at:
      915 E. Colorado Blvd. Glendale, CA 91205
      Valet Parking and street parking is available.

      Seating is limited, please RSVP by 4th of May 08 to Kathy Salama.
      Telephone 626-622-1975 or by email: kathysalama@...

      Tickets price includes a 3 course meal, drinks and entertainment.
      Ticket Information: $60 for adults, $30 for children under 13.

      We would appreciate if you can help us by circulating this invitation to
      your friends and contacts.

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