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"The Loud Thud"

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  • Sedrak, Mark
    The Loud Thud (Unknown Author) In the second year of my marriage, we lost our apartment. The company that owned the apartments decided to tear them down and
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 1, 2003
      "The Loud Thud"
      (Unknown Author)

      In the second year of my marriage, we lost our apartment. The company that
      owned the apartments decided to tear them down and reconstruct new and more
      expensive apartments, and we had very little time to move. Having few
      financial resources, our search was made that more difficult.

      There were few apartments in our price range, and we found nothing even
      close to the price or size of our old apartment. Many apartments would not
      accept children. This was very difficult, as we had a daughter who was
      nearly 2-years-old at the time.

      We finally found a second-floor apartment that was much too small, much too
      expensive . . . nearly double our old rent. Since our daughter was still
      considered a baby, the management let her sleep in the same room with us.
      They "allowed" us to rent from them for seven-months.

      We were cramped, our king-sized bed did not fit in the bedroom, so we sold
      it for a song. We put blankets and pillows on the floor since there wasn't
      room for our bed and our daughter's, too. We realized we both would have to
      take two jobs each before we'd be able to move into a bigger place we'd be
      able to afford.

      It was painful to put our daughter in a daycare center, even though it was
      run by Christians, but we had no choice. It broke my heart to leave her, as
      she cried and grabbed at our legs each time we left her in the care of
      strangers. Little by little, she got used to staying there, but it was still
      difficult to leave her.

      The week before Thanksgiving, I received a call from the daycare center. I
      was at work, and the center director told me to stop by her office when I
      came to pick up my daughter that evening. I was nervous because I couldn't
      think of why she wanted to see me. The way things had been going lately (my
      daughter bit someone at the daycare the week before), perhaps she was going
      to ask me to find another daycare provider? Could things get any worse?

      With much trepidation, I stepped into the director's office.

      She sat me down and said, "Congratulations! We're giving your family a
      Thanksgiving dinner with all the trimmings!" Next she presented me with a
      HUGE frozen bird and a box filled with all kinds of goodies!

      I was in shock, how could this be? With the state of our finances, I had not
      been in the "holiday spirit" and I really hadn't even thought of celebrating

      The director smiled warmly, saying "We drew the names of families from each
      class, and your family won in your class."

      I was so choked-up I could barely speak. I expressed my appreciation as best
      as I could, then quickly hauled the huge box out to the car.

      Once I got home, I excitedly called my Mom, sorting through the items in the
      box as I put them away. I pulled out the huge turkey first, and shared with
      my Mom all that was in the box . . . stuffing . . . cranberry . . . rolls .
      . . green beans . . . various pickles . . . cake and pie fixings . . .
      pumpkin . . . seasonings for the turkey . . . and a gallon of milk for the

      The only thing lacking to make it perfect were potatoes. Being from an Irish
      family, a meal wasn't complete without potatoes. Since we wouldn't have any
      spare cash until the following week, I knew we'd have to wait to have
      potatoes, yet that knowledge paled in comparison to this marvelous surprise!

      As I unpacked the box, I heard a loud "thud" on the balcony. Being all alone
      with the baby, my imagination started running away with me. What if it was a
      burglar? I whispered to my Mom to stay on the phone while I put the baby in
      her crib, cautiously peeking around the corner to the balcony.

      I knew it was improbable that someone was out there because we were on the
      second-floor. The third-floor apartment above us had a German Shepherd, and
      he would have barked if anyone had been on his floor. In addition, the
      apartment below had no balcony, only a patio.

      When I realized nobody was out there, I decided to figure out what made the
      noise. Right in the middle of the pile of boxes we'd used to move in with
      was a small grocery bag!

      I asked my Mom to continue to holding the phone, as I wanted to go outside
      and investigate what was in the bag. I went to the balcony door, slowly
      opening the sliding-glass door to get a better look.

      It was just an ordinary grocery bag, yet I could see something was inside
      it. Inside the grocery bag was a brand-new, unopened bag of potatoes! How it
      got there, I don't know. I looked over the edge of the balcony and could see
      no one anywhere near the building.

      Apart from my Mom, no one but God knew of my desire to have potatoes with
      our Thanksgiving dinner! I believe He delivered those potatoes on our patio
      that day in a way that only God can do!

      Needless to say, I was very thankful, and our family had the best
      Thanksgiving ever, praising our wonderful God, the supplier of all our needs
      . . . and many of our wants as well!

      "And my God will meet all your needs according to his glorious riches in
      Christ Jesus. To our God and Father be glory for ever and ever. Amen."
      Philippians 4:19-20 (NIV)

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