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Lenten Reading Recommendations and Specials

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    Let us begin the Lenten time with delight ... let us fast from passions as we fast from food, taking pleasure in the good words of the Spirit, that we may be
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 21, 2012

      Let us begin the Lenten time with delight ... let us fast from passions as we fast from food, taking pleasure in the good words of the Spirit, that we may be granted to see the holy passion of Christ our God and his holy Pascha, spiritually rejoicing. (Vesper Hymns).

      As we prepare for the Lenten season, The Orthodox Bookstore would like to offer the following reading recommendations and specials:

      On the Way of the Cross ($10)
      This unique devotional by Thomas C. Oden and Joel Elowsky and edited by Cindy Crosby, offers forty days of meditations from the church fathers on the Gospel of John. Written in a brief daily format, this is a perfect resource for Lenten use!

      The main features of this book are:
      + Draws from the very popular Ancient Christian Commentaries
      + Includes excerpts from the teachings of the Church Fathers
      + Organized in a brief daily format
      + Covers key passages from throughout the book of John

      This makes a wonderful Lenten meditational resource
      Includes prayers from the Church Fathers and early devotional books

      Daily Lenten Meditations for the Orthodox Christian ($10)
      by Presbytera Emily Harakas

      For each day of Lent this inspiring book has: a hymn from the Triodion, a quotation from the Fathers, a prayer, Bible readings, and a meditation. This book offers a beautiful way to keep meditate on the spiritual truths offered from the wealth of our tradition during Lent.

      Exomologetarion - A Manual of Confession (hardcover/$32)
      By Nikodemos the Hagiorite

      This classic text on repentance and confession is appearing for the first time in English.

      The call to repentance and confession of sins has been at the heart of the Christian Gospel since the preaching of Saint John the Forerunner and Christ Himself (Mat. 3:2, 4:17). It is the foundation of apostolic preaching (Mark 6:12) and the hallmark of Orthodox Christianity. And yet, in our day, when sin is regularly glorified as glamorous and repentance ridiculed as a sign of weakness, the Mystery of Confession is often misunderstood and neglected.

      When, however, one encounters the illumined instructions found in Saint Nikodemos the Hagiorite’s Manual of Confession, he feels himself both freed from the delusions of this age and his own blindness to sin. Saint Nikodemos, an inheritor of the Apostolic Tradition and exponent of the Patristic mind, a Church Father who straddled the divide between antiquity and modernity, and an ascetic theologian who possessed an encyclopedic knowledge of Holy Scripture and the writings of the Holy Fathers, is an exceptionally qualified guide for all who would repent and enter into the Kingdom of Heaven (Mat. 3:2).

      In addition to St. Nikodemos’ edifying instruction to the Spiritual Father, the Manual of Confession also offers a meticulous interpretation of the Canons of St. John the Faster, an enlightening counsel for the penitent on how to confess, and a soul-profiting homily on repentance, making it essential reading for all who desire to be cured of the passions and find consolation from their afflictions.

      Through the end March 2012, we are pleased to offer free shipping on these titles in the U.S. and Canada while supplies last.  As an added bonus, we are offering the three titles together at a discounted price of $45 including free shipping!

      Please visit http://orthodoxbookstore.ecrater.com/c/559674/special-offers

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