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Time to Acquire Divine Light

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    β€œIn God, one finds an ineffable unity and differentiation within that unity. He is the One beyond the unity of the number one; yet He is totally and
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 20, 2010
      β€œIn God, one finds an ineffable unity and differentiation within that unity. He is the One beyond the unity of the number one; yet He is totally and infinitely differentiated in Himself as Himself in all of His myriad perfections. God is the infinity of His own perfections, each differing from the other within the absolute simplicity of His Oneness.”

      Divine Light: The Theology of Denys the Areopagite
      By William Riordan

      In his missionary journeys, St. Paul spoke in a number of cities in the Greek peninsula including Athens, renowned for its philosophical heritage. He addressed to them the message of the One, Unknown God (Acts 17:22ff). Among those present in the Areopagus (the open city center of Athens) on that day was a certain Denys (Dionysios) who eventually became a disciple of Paul.

      Centuries later, a corpus of writings appeared bearing the name of the Denys the Areopagite. These texts were considered to be the writings of the first century disciple of the Apostle Paul and thus achieved almost immediate prominence, strongly influencing the lives of Maximus the Confessor (d. 662) and John Damascene (d.749) in the East and Eriugena (d. 877), Bede (d. 735), Bernard (d.1153) Thomas Aquinas (d. 1272) Nicholas of Cusa (d. 1464), John of the Cross (d. 1591), and many other great minds in the West.

      Later historical studies of Denys' texts, especially during the 19th century, showed conclusively that the writings are of a later date (5th century) than had generally been thought. Hence, the appending of "Pseudo-" before the name of Denys (Pseudo-Denys, Pseudo-Dionysius) became commonplace.

      The texts of Denys provide a majestic and profound metaphysical perspective. Deeply formed by the Divine Liturgy and the Sacred Scriptures, this mysterious author uses the great insights of Plato and his later disciples, expressing the deepest profundities of the faith in stunningly beautiful writings. In Denys, readers past, present, and future find a penetrating contemplative vision into the Mystery of the Trinity and its creation.

      This book is a focused exposition of Denys' theological understanding with particular attention to the illuminating metaphysical depth of his insight. Care has been taken to prepare a text that is readable for the serious laymen accompanied with footnotes to provide a more detailed background for the scholar.

      For a limit time, this title will be offered at $14 (30% off the retail price of $19.95). Quantities are limited and this offer is only good through July 27, 2010!

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