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    Just Released Orthodox Pastoral Service By Archimandrite Kyprian Kern (Translated by Mary Goddard and Edited by Fr. William C. Mills) Nearly fifty years ago,
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 27, 2009
      Just Released

      Orthodox Pastoral Service
      By Archimandrite Kyprian Kern (Translated by Mary Goddard and Edited by Fr. William C. Mills)

      Nearly fifty years ago, the Eastern Orthodox monk and theologian, Archimandrite Kyprian Kern, explored pertinent issues regarding pastoral ministry. Kern's writings on clericalism and problems with the abuse of power and authority in the Church, for example, are as fresh today as when they were first written. Kern is probably the least known among Orthodox theologians in the West; however, his voice is now being heard for the first time in English and hopefully will inspire and encourage a new generation of clergy and laity who seek to better understand ministry in an Orthodox Christian context. Orthodox Pastoral Service is a collection of lecture notes from Kern's classes in pastoral ministry. In this book, Kern deals with important issues such as clericalism, the importance of the Eucharist for the life of the priest, and emphasis on the intellectual, spiritual, and personal preparation for the priesthood. Finally, one could look at this book as a historical document. On this level, Kern has left us with a detailed exposition of pastoral ministry in 19th century Russia.

      Retail: $14

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      Recently Released

      The Holy Orthodox Church: The Ritual, Services and Sacraments of the Orthodox Church
      By V. Rev. Fr. Sebastian Dabovich

      In this volume, Fr. Sebastian Dabovich (1863-1940) offers the reader separate readings and sermons on several several different subjects. As a pastor, he is obliged to instruct the people in all that pertains to salvation. On perceiving that of all his instructions, the present ones, which were also given in the present order, were more or less suitable, and could be, with less difficulty, compiled into a volume, with something bearing at least the semblance of a system, he decided to publish them in their present appearance. These instructions were offered to Christians by a Spiritual Adviser. Therefore, the reader must not expect to discover a learned thesis on Liturgical Science or Theology. The object which moved the author to publish this book is of a two-fold nature: firstly, he desired that the children of the Church, born in America, should have the opportunity of obtaining a book which they could easily read and understand, and, by God's grace, thereby grow firmer in the Faith; and, secondly, he desires with all his heart to contribute the little of God's might within him to further the holy object of Christ's Church and to teach others about the Orthodox Faith.

      For a limited times, both books are available for $20
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