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1564Metropolitan Hierotheos Vlachos

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    Dec 25, 2013
      The Cave in which Christ was born is a type of the Church. St. Athanasius the Great speaks specifically in saying the small room where the Theotokos awaited the birth has been accepted as the type of the Church. The manger is seen as the Altar, Joseph the server, the Magi are the clergy, the Shepherds are the deacons, the angels are the Priests, the Lord is the Bishop, the Virgin is the Throne, the craters in the cave are the chalices, the incarnation is the Vestment, the Cherubim are the [liturgical] fans, the Holy Spirit is the paten, the Father Who overshadows all things with His power is the veil covering the paten.

      Metropolitan Hierotheos Vlachos, The Feasts of the Lord


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