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Man says he captured Loch Ness A sea monster on film

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    The Loch Ness monster is back — and there s video। A man has captured what Nessie watchers say is possible footage of the supposed mythical creature
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 1, 2007
      The Loch Ness monster is back — and there's video। A man has
      captured what Nessie watchers say is possible footage of the supposed
      mythical creature beneath Scotland's most mysterious lake. "I couldn't
      believe my eyes when I saw this jet black thing, about 45 feet long,
      moving fairly fast in the water," said Gordon Holmes, the 55-year-old a
      lab technician from Shipley, Yorkshire, who took the video
      Saturday.Nessie watcher and marine biologist Adrian Shine viewed the
      video and hoped to properly analyze it in the coming months."I see
      myself as a skeptical interpreter of what happens in the loch, but I do
      keep an open mind about these things and there is no doubt this is some
      of the best footage I have seen," said Shine, of the Loch Ness 2000
      center in Drumnadrochit, on the shores of the lake.Holmes said whatever
      it was moved at about 6 mph and kept a fairly straight course."My
      initial thought is it could be a very big eel, they have serpent-like
      features and they may explain all the sightings in Loch Ness over the
      years."Loch Ness is surrounded by myth. It's the largest inland body of
      water in Britain, and at about 750 feet to the bottom, it's even deeper
      than the North Sea."There are a number of possible explanations to the
      sightings in the loch. It could be some biological creature, it could
      just be the waves of the loch or it could some psychological phenomenon
      in as much as we see what we want to see," Shine said.While many
      sightings can be attributed to a drop of the local whisky, legends of
      Scottish monsters date back to one of the founders of the Christian
      church in Scotland, St. Columba, who wrote of them in about 565 A.D.More
      recently, there have been more than 4,000 purported Nessie sightings
      since she was first caught on camera by a surgeon on vacation in the
      1930s. read full story and view the video clip at Marine animal news

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