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Re: [Marine Biology] biological classification survey

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  • glaiz waten
    jack coate wrote: October 18, 2005 Jack Coate & Julien Louys Department of Anatomy School of Medical Sciences University of New South
    Message 1 of 3 , Nov 30, 2005
      jack coate <gradeclade@...> wrote: October 18, 2005

      Jack Coate & Julien Louys

      Department of Anatomy

      School of Medical Sciences

      University of New South Wales

      Sydney, NSW, 2052


      +61 2 9385 3676


      *What's your philosophy? Evolutionary Systematics or Phylogenetics, or
      something elseĀ…*

      Dear researchers and students,

      In an attempt to better gauge the current consensus as to the methods of
      biological classification (extinct and extant flora or fauna) we are
      undertaking an international survey. To achieve this objective we ask for
      your participation. If you could please answer the following short
      questions, it would be greatly appreciated. Your response will enable us to
      report on the existing paradigms prevalent in modern biological research,
      conservation and classification.

      Please send us your response by email. If you prefer, a postal address is
      given above. This survey is completely voluntary and anonymous. A reply is
      indicative of informed consent. Please note, data from this survey may be
      published. Any emails received from recipients will be kept on file; however
      at no time will these addresses be disseminated, and any information
      received will be used for the purposes of this survey only. This survey was
      distributed to the public on Oct. 18, 2005 and responses will be accepted
      until Nov. 30, 2005. Complaints concerning this survey may be directed to
      the Ethics Secretariat, at the University of New South Wales, Sydney NSW
      2052, Australia (phone +612 93854234, fax +612 93856648 and email

      To increase our sample size, we kindly ask all recipients and participants
      to please forward this questionnaire to any other person and/or party who
      may be interested.

      Thank you for your attention and participation.

      Sincerely, Jack Coate & Julien Louys


      * *

      *1*. Do you consider yourself to be a(n)?

      a) Phylogeneticist

      b) Evolutionary Systematist

      c) Neither of the above

      Answer: _____a__ If c), please list method ­­­­___________

      *2*. Given only three choices, which definition of a species (extinct or
      extant) would you most likely agree with? **

      a) Biological Species Concept

      b) Phylogenetic Species Concept

      c) Evolutionary Species Concept

      d) None of the above

      Answer: __b__ If d), please list definition and/or reference ______________

      *3*. Do you think your choice for the above question can be used with
      extant organisms as well as the fossil record? Yes/No/Unsure _____yes___

      * *

      *4. *Do you think the level of classification of taxa should be dependant on
      their temporal span? Yes/No/Unsure *______yes__ *

      * *

      *5*. Is the use of the above method of classification (Re. Question 1)
      necessary in your day-to-day research? Yes or No *______yes__*

      *6. *Do you think these methods of classification are mutually exclusive?
      Yes or No _______no_

      *7.* Please state your field of research: (e.g. wildlife biology, genetics,
      wildlife conservation, botany, paleontology, anthropology, etc.) *
      _____marine biology_________*

      *8.* If you instruct and train any students, which method do you recognize
      and apply? Or, if you are a student, which methods are employed?
      ________phylogeny concept_____

      *9.* What country are you working in and/or where are you based (optional)?

      *10. *Would you like to receive the results from this survey? Yes or

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