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  • Ralph
    Hello-I ll try to be of some help. marine biology is the study of any and all animals that occur in,on,above and around a marine(oceanic) body of salt
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 10, 2003
      Hello-I'll try to be of some help.
      marine biology is the study of any and all animals that occur
      in,on,above and around a marine(oceanic) body of salt water.marsh,or
      Alternative titles:Marine Biologist, Ornathologist (Bird study),
      Naturalist, Conservationist, Mammalologist,Ceatology
      (Whales&Dolphins) ,
      Tasks/Duties: Population studies, species identification,enviroment
      study,mating habits/areas/conditions,feeding habits,migration
      studies,Preditors/prey,food chains/webs,species statistics(Size
      range, sexs&ID,colorization, sex differances, juvinile vs adult
      Skills: Computer,photographic,math,statistics, secound landguage
      (German,France,Japanese),mechanic, electronics,Navagation,Cartography
      (maps)Snorkel,Skuba,Swim.First Aid, cPR.
      Knowledge:See skills.
      Pers. Qualities:Able to get along with the same people for
      days,weeks, months,willing to do the shity assignments, small
      spaces,ooy-gooy things, eat fish and?, not take baths(sometimes),
      Phys.Reqs:Don't get sea sick often,workout regimine(exercise),
      How to get a Job: Be a volenteer at a local aquarium to get
      knowledge about fish, feeding,systems maintance ,public
      relations,intern at a marine park/hotel exhibits,work with a
      conservation group.join the Navy(lots of related jobs)
      Secondary Ed.: Biology,Statistics,autoshop(mechanics),electrical
      (radios,computers,radar)math,French,German,music(to stay sane),phys
      Tertiary ED:Major in Biology,Marine science,Anatomy/Phsyology,micro
      Related classes:Art(sketch new
      sites),physics,astronomy,computers,statistics,psycology,bio chem,.
      Entry Recs: ?, see skills.
      Useful exp.: See skills/knowledge.
      On the Job Training:Go to a college/university that has a marine
      program(See colleges/universities,Calif.Many such programs), Work at
      a major Aquarium(Stienhart,Bishop,Monterey,Aquarium Pacific,Sea
      World,Boston, New York, Scripps(Graduate program),Woods Hole
      (Grad,studies),fishing boat,(long term),etc.
      Work places/Conditions:Good weather at sea,cramped conditions, Bad
      weather work in labs and figure out the data from the good
      seasons.The lab is only as good as the money that's spent on
      it.Ratio of scientists/interns/students/crew, size of research vessel
      (the bigger the more comfort/work space,smaller mostly workspace)
      Hours:Variable,set your own, daily,24-7 at sea.
      Salary:Volenteer-$$$, usually just enough
      Contact with people: casual(instructive at aquarium),when in port
      on a Reasearch vessel, learn in port,at school, on the ship.
      Marketing:Conservation,Aquaculture(farming), Politics?,sport
      diving,travel sites,exploration,endangered species/enviroments.
      Job outlook; Lots of jobs, just have to find the right one.See
      marketing, last resort teach science,biology,marine studies.
      I Really hope that gives you some usful direction.Balph Barber
      -- In marinebiology@yahoogroups.com, "Brittney Scarbrough"
      <morgan_le_fey0@y...> wrote:
      > I need as much info as possible on marine biology such as:
      > Description
      > Alternative Titles
      > Tasks and Duties
      > Skills
      > Knowledge

      > Personal Qualities
      > Physical Requirements
      > How to Enter the Job
      > Secondary Education
      > Tertiary Education
      > Related courses
      > Entry Requirements
      > Useful Experience
      > Training on the Job
      > Work Places and Travel
      > Equipment
      > Workplace Conditions
      > Hours
      > Salary
      > Contact with People
      > Market Details
      > Job Outlook
      > Thanks if you help i need it asap
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