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587hey dude

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  • junelle-coyne250@hellotoworld.info
    Apr 19, 2007
      Hey John, it was really fun going out the other night and talking, while we were out you said that you felt insecure about your manhood, i noticed in the toilets you were quite small in that area : ) , but not to worry.. that website that i was telling you about is my secret weapon to an extra 3 in, trust me.. girls love bigger ones, i’ve had 5 times as many chicks since i used these pills a year ago. The package i used was the 6 month supply one, and its worth every cent and more.. the website is http://www.crpard.com/mvwu
      Ring me on the weekend and we will go out and drink again and let you know some more secrets : ).
      Later dude, Brad
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