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310An Invitation

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  • reynald prasas
    Apr 3, 2003
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      An Invitation


      My name is Reynald Prasas, a marine biology student. Marine organism fascinated me since my childhood until now. I want to talk to many people around the world to discuss topics that are concerning to the marine environment.

      I had founded channels on mIRC at DAlnet network like #marinebio, #marinescience and #scubaworld.

      These channels are created in order to discuss all marine biology matters. I'm inviting all environmental concerns to join the channels and to share their knowledge to other individuals.

      These channels are open to all marine biology and those who love our oceans and living organism on it.

      We're looking for OPERATORs in the channels. Interested individuals may apply directly to me or in the channel OPs if online.

      Any comments, recommendations are very welcome.....

      If you don't want to join in the channels, please reply to me as soon as possible, if you don�t want to join with us please ignore this invitation

      NOTE: Please indicate if you would like to be a channel OPERATOR.

      Thank you very much and God Bless You...

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