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April News from Marianne Mancusi

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  • Marianne Mancusi
    Hey Everyone! Spring is finally here! I can t wait for some warm weather here in New England. Luckily the wait is over for BOYS THAT BITE - the first in a new
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 9, 2006

      Hey Everyone!

      Spring is finally here! I can't wait for some warm weather here in New England.

      Luckily the wait is over for BOYS THAT BITE - the first in a new comedy vampire series by Berkley JAM. Technically a teen book, since the main characters are in high school, but with a Buffy the Vampire Slayer feel that should appeal to all age groups.

      You can order it on Amazon  now. Or find it in a bookstore near you. The second book in the series - STAKE THAT! - will be out in December.

      In order to promote the new series, my fellow author Serena Robar (Braced2Bite) and I have put together a new website called SUMMER BITES . Basically a group blog with some great YA paranormal authors, including MaryJanice Davidson, Gena Showalter, Bev Rosenblum, and PC Cast.

      And if you haven't done so already, be sure to "friend" me on MySpace . That's where the real party's at!

      For those of you waiting for the next time travel -- my 1920s book WHAT, NO ROSES? will hit shelves in JULY. If you liked "A Connecticut Fashionista in King Arthur's Court" then this is the book for you. There's already a blurb on my website  - sample chapter will be coming soon.

      You can pre-order WHAT, NO ROSES? on Amazon.

      And finally, I'm hard at work on the sequel to A CONNECTICUT FASHIONISTA IN KING ARTHUR'S COURT. It will be out in February 07. Title is: A HOBOKEN HIPSTER IN SHERWOOD FOREST. As those of you who read CT Fashionista know, our heroine Kat was left stuck where she doesn't belong. Now it's up to Chrissie, her beatnik photographer from the beginning of the book, to find the one thing Nimue needs to help bring Kat back. To do so, she must travel back in time and relive in the legend of Robin Hood, which turns out to be a bit different than the storybooks would have you believe. 

      That's about all for now!







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