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Latinidad – 9/12: Food Writing

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    Latinidad – 9/12: Food Writing Contents: 1. Saludos 2. Q&A: Dianne Jacob 3. Workshops: Comadres and Compadres Writers Conference 4. Resources: Foodblog South
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      Latinidad – 9/12: Food Writing

      1. Saludos
      2. Q&A: Dianne Jacob
      3. Workshops: Comadres and Compadres Writers Conference
      4. Resources: Foodblog South
      1. Saludos

      Dream of being paid to write restaurant reviews? Wonder how to actually
      make money off your food blog? Have a batch of recipes you're itching
      to publish as a bona fide cookbook? Look no further than Will Write for
      Food: The Complete Guide to Writing Cookbooks, Blogs, Reviews, Memoir,
      and More by Dianne Jacob. Written with the authority only experience
      confers combined with the sensibility of a beloved teacher, Dianne offers
      exhaustively detailed advice on all aspects of food writing, from how to
      conduct interviews for articles to how to take good photos for your blog.
      In addition, she includes tips from seasoned experts such as Anthony
      Bourdain, Ruth Reichl, and Ree Drummond, as well as leading cookbook
      agents and editors. The appendix alone, which features a list of magazines
      that take freelance writers, is worth the price of the book. To learn more,
      read this month's Q&A with Dianne Jacob.

      Helping Latinos get published,
      Marcela Landres

      2. Q&A

      Dianne Jacob is the author of Will Write for Food: The Complete Guide
      to Writing Cookbooks, Blogs, Reviews, Memoir, and More, which won
      the Cordon D'Or International award for Best Literary Food Reference
      Book and the Gourmand World Cookbook Award for best book in the
      USA. She has written feature articles for Salon.com, Gastronomica, and
      Writer's Digest as well as taught classes on food writing at the
      Smithsonian Institute and UCLA's Journalism Department. In addition,
      she edits cookbooks for national publishers and individuals and coaches
      writers on writing and publishing books, freelance articles, and blogs.
      For more information, visit http://www.diannej.com/ and

      Q: How did you get started as a food writer?

      A: My second job out of journalism school was as editor of a city
      restaurant magazine. I wrote lots of interviews with chefs and features
      about dining in fine restaurants.

      Q: If you knew then what you know now, what would you have done differently?

      A: I had no idea how to write a recipe, which I often included when I
      interviewed chefs. In those days, there were no books on the subject,
      but today writers have my book as a reference tool, plus my blog for
      lots of discussion on the subject.

      Q: What three mistakes should newbie food writers avoid?

      A: Using generic words to describe food, such as delicious and tasty.
      Thinking that describing the food well is the goal of the article. The
      goals of the article are: to tell a good story, entertain readers, and teach
      them something. If they are using a recipe from another published
      source, such as a cookbook or blog, they need permission to use the
      recipe verbatim.

      Q: Alternatively, what are three signs of a top-notch food writer?

      A: A top-notch food writer is a top-notch writer. The only extra credential
      is if that person specializes in recipe writing. He or she should be an
      incredible storyteller who uses food as a way to express culture, history,
      politics, or a sense of place.

      Q: Who is your agent and how did you meet him/her? If you don't have
      an agent, how did you come to be published by Da Capo Lifelong Books?

      A: My agent is Carole Bidnick. I met her because I coached a writer on a
      proposal, and Carole was impressed by the quality of the work. She
      submitted my proposal to the publisher of Marlowe & Company, who
      bought the book. That publishing house was acquired and is now Da Capo.

      Q: Aside from your genuinely helpful book, Will Write for Food, what
      resources would you recommend to writers who want to learn more
      about food writing?

      A: They should subscribe to my blog, Will Write for Food, at
      http://www.diannej.com/blog/ What makes it fun and valuable is the
      discussion among other food writers. I learn so much from the
      comments. It's a dynamic living, breathing thing, which makes it very
      different from my book.

      Q: Do you have upcoming projects that my readers should have on their radar?

      A: I love to travel and teach. Here is my events page:
      http://www.diannej.com/Events.shtml Plus, I am collaborating on two
      exciting cookbooks. I'm still working on the proposal for one, and the
      other is being circulated by my co-author's agent.

      3. Workshops

      The Comadres and Compadres Writers Conference

      WHAT: The Comadres and Compadres Writers Conference will provide
      Latino writers with access to published Latino authors as well as agents
      and editors who have a proven track record of publishing Latino writers.
      In addition, the CCWC will offer an insider's perspective on how best to
      navigate the particular challenges and opportunities faced by Latino
      writers in the current publishing landscape, as well as foster a vibrant
      national community of writers akin to what Las Comadres has already
      created with its Las Comadres international network and its Las
      Comadres and Friends National Latino Book Club and Teleconference Series.

      WHEN: Saturday, October 6

      WHERE: Medgar Evers College, 1638 Bedford Avenue, Brooklyn, NY (at Crown Street)

      WHO: Speakers include Michelle Herrera Mulligan, Editor-in-Chief of
      Cosmopolitan Latina, Karen E. Quinones Miller, bestselling author of
      Satin Doll and the upcoming An Angry-Ass Black Woman, and Sonia
      Manzano, author of The Revolution of Evelyn Serrano and beloved
      actress who played Maria on Sesame Street. In addition, leading agents
      and editors will conduct one-on-one sessions with attendees.
      ***Note: the deadline to submit sample pages for agent/editor
      one-on-ones is 9/19.*** For a complete list of participants, please
      visit the conference web site below.

      REGISTER: Visit http://tinyurl.com/9dlj8jx or

      4. Resources

      "I read How Editors Think in one sitting and was engaged from beginning to
      end. It is well written, highly informative, and humorous—I found myself
      laughing out-loud in a few spots! Thanks for sharing the secrets of the trade."
      —Mayra Lazara Dole, author of Down to the Bone

      Inspired by my experience as a former Simon & Schuster editor, How Editors
      Think: The Real Reason They Rejected You reveals what it really takes to get
      published. For more information, visit:
      Deadline: October 15
      The Grub Street National Book Prize offers nonfiction writers $5000 and
      an all-expenses-paid trip to Boston to teach a craft class at the Muse
      and the Marketplace Conference. For more information, visit
      Deadline: October 20
      The Writers Omi International Residency offers residencies of two weeks to
      two months as well as opportunities to meet with New York City publishing
      professionals to poets, fiction writers, creative nonfiction writers, and
      translators. Past residents include Andrés Felipe Solano, Sebastià Alzamora,
      and Oliverio Coelho. For more information, visit http://www.artomi.org/
      Deadline: October 30
      The New Visions Award offers $1000 and publication by Tu Books, the
      fantasy, science fiction, and mystery imprint of Lee & Low Books, for a
      middle grade or young adult novel by a writer of color. For more
      information, visit http://tinyurl.com/d2x93ff
      Deadline: October 30
      The 30 Below Contest offers $1500 and publication in Narrative magazine
      for a poem, short story, essay, or an excerpt from a work of fiction or
      creative nonfiction by a writer under the age of 30. For more information,
      visit http://www.narrativemagazine.com/node/181953
      Deadline: October 31
      Crossed Genre magazine seeks speculative stories featuring older women
      who are smart, tough, and have wills of their own. They encourage
      submissions with underrepresented main characters: characters of color,
      LGBTQ characters, etc. For more information, visit
      $1000 PRIZE FOR A POEM
      Deadline: October 31
      The James Hearst Poetry Prize offers $1000 and publication in the North
      American Review for a poem. For more information, visit
      Deadline: November 1
      The Rattling Wall seeks cool sophisticated short fiction, travel essays, and
      poetry. For more information, visit http://therattlingwall.com/submission
      Date: January 26
      The Foodblog South Conference features three tracks: Creativity;
      Technology, Branding & Business; and Blogging Basics. Attendees can go
      back and forth between tracks. Speakers include Dianne Jacob, Virginia
      Willis, and Adam Roberts. For more information, visit
      Reading Period: September 1 - April 1
      Kweli is an online literary journal created by and for writers of color. Unlike
      other journals, they pay their writers. Past contributors include Angie Cruz,
      Victor LaValle and Aaron Michael Morales. For more information, visit
      Count on Me: Tales of Sisterhoods and Fierce Friendships by Las Comadres,
      edited by Adriana V. Lopez
      Beloved bestselling Latino authors, including Esmeralda Santiago, Carolina
      De Robertis, Stephanie Elizondo Griest, Lorraine Lopez, Fabiola Santiago,
      Teresa Rodriguez, Sofia Quintero, Reyna Grande, Daisy Martinez, Michelle
      Herrera Mulligan, Dr. Ana Nogales, and Luis Alberto Urrea, share moving
      personal stories of the many ways that sisterly bonds have powerfully
      impacted their lives. For more information, visit
      Please forward Latinidad® widely.
      For more resources, visit http://www.marcelalandres.com/resources.html
      Has Latinidad® been of help to you? E-mail your success stories to
      Want to see your announcement in an upcoming issue of Latinidad®? E-mail
      your postings to marcelalandres@...
      You are welcome to reprint part or all of this e-zine; please credit
      Latinidad® and include a link to http://www.marcelalandres.com/
      Visit http://groups.yahoo.com/group/marcelalandres/

      "No one who cooks, cooks alone. Even at her most solitary, a cook in
      the kitchen is surrounded by generations of cooks past, the advice and
      menus of cooks present, the wisdom of cookbook writers."
      --Laurie Colwin

      Latinidad® © 2003 by Marcela Landres

      Marcela Landres
      Author of the e-book "How Editors Think: The Real Reason They Rejected You"
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