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Latinidad - 12/11: Best of 2011

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    Latinidad – 12/11: Best of 2011 Contents: 1. Saludos 2. The Latinidad List 3. Workshops: Unicorn Writers Conference 4. Resources: Seeking Literature of
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      Latinidad – 12/11: Best of 2011

      1. Saludos
      2. The Latinidad List
      3. Workshops: Unicorn Writers' Conference
      4. Resources: Seeking Literature of Occupation

      "Marcela Landres came into my life via Gemini Ink, and I am beyond
      thankful that we connected. She is honest, tactful, respectful, and
      resourceful; my writer IQ has gone up exponentially because of Marcela.
      She is the best line-editor I have ever worked with, and the wealth of
      knowledge she has in relation to platform building and enhancing
      growth as a writer is profound. She knows the market, knows the
      publishing industry, and knows what directions a writer should go for
      the betterment of craft and publicity. Writing is a solitary endeavor, but
      Marcela has made me realize what I need in my progression as a writer:
      partners. Marcela is a true partner who gives solid and insightful
      feedback. My writing projects have been (and always will be)
      relinquished to Marcela Landres because the depth of her expertise
      has only proven to be beneficial to me and my writing."
      --Carie Novikoff

      Ready to work with a professional editor? Visit
      1. Saludos

      As the official book nerd in my family, I use the holidays as an excuse
      to buy books. Even though I am presented with wish lists for my
      nieces and nephews crammed with video games and toys, I tend to buy
      them books. (Thankfully, many video games have companion manuals.)
      I may not be the coolest aunt, but I have the satisfaction of expanding
      young minds while creating abundance for a few authors. I encourage
      you to do the same.

      Below is the Latinidad List of the year's best books, each of which would
      make a great gift for someone you love. Shop online at La Casa Azul
      Bookstore, http://www.lacasaazulbookstore.com/ and save 10 percent.

      To nominate a book for next year's list, please e-mail me at
      marcelalandres@.... Note that I'm seeking nominations only
      for books to be published in 2012.

      Helping Latinos get published,
      Marcela Landres

      2. The Latinidad List

      Debut Novel – Outside the Bones by Lyn Di Iorio
      If a novel were like a Latina, it would be Outside the Bones: alluring,
      with deep roots in the earth but permeable boundaries to the supernatural.

      Literary Fiction – Adios, Happy Homeland! By Ana Menendez
      Menendez writes like the audacious love child of Jonathan Swift and Junot
      Diaz, weaving a tale with the intricate logic of a brilliant madwoman.

      Mystery – Human Cargo by Des Zamorano
      A page-turner featuring a protagonist who could be your BFF—one who
      happens to be a PI with a black belt in Krav Maga.

      Short Story Collection – Orientation and Other Stories by Daniel Orozco
      Meticulously crafted stories populated with characters you will recognize
      around (and, perhaps, within) you.

      Poetry Collection – Me No Habla With Acento edited by Emanuel Xavier
      Pulsating rhymes and piercing images unite this spirited compendium
      of contemporary Latino poets.

      Memoir - Sempre Susan by Sigrid Nunez
      Devastating honesty combined with deceptively spare, poetic language
      creates an unforgettable narrative.

      Travel – Pink Boots and a Machete: My Journey from NFL Cheerleader to
      National Geographic Explorer by Mireya Mayor
      With grit, glamour, and sagacity, a true adventuress grabs readers and
      takes them on an exhilarating trip from Little Havana to Madagascar.

      Cookbook – The New Southern-Latino Table by Sandra A. Gutierrez
      These mouthwatering recipes concoct a harmonious fusion of two
      beloved cuisines.

      Young Adult – Under the Mesquite by Guadalupe Garcia McCall
      Only a true talent like Garcia McCall can make a story both heartrending
      and enchanting.

      Children's Picture Book – What Are You Doing? By Elisa Amado and
      Manuel Monroy
      A timeless tribute to the joys of reading.

      3. Workshops

      Before You Send It Out Workshop/One-on-One Manuscript Review Sessions


      Before You Send It Out Workshop - Agents and editors don't have time
      to read entire manuscripts. So how do they choose which writers they
      want to work with? Proposals. Regardless of whether you have a book
      for adults or children, in fiction or nonfiction, you need a strong
      proposal. But while many writers invest a significant amount of time,
      energy, and money in crafting their manuscripts, few know how to
      compose a proper proposal. In this class, you will learn:
      1. Why 90% of submissions are rejected based on the cover letter alone
      2. The single most reliable—and free!—resource for finding a good agent
      3. Three common, yet easily avoidable, mistakes writers make
      4. A proposal's true purpose (hint: it's not to demonstrate talent)

      One-on-One Manuscript Review Sessions - Marcela Landres will read (but
      not edit) a sample of your work, then meet with you for a one-on-one,
      30-minute session. SPACE IS LIMITED.

      WHEN: 4/28, 10:15 a.m. – 11:15 a.m./ 4/28, by appointment

      WHERE: Saint Clements Castle, 1931 Portland-Cobalt Rd., Portland CT, 06480

      REGISTER: http://www.unicornwritersconference.com/

      List of upcoming workshops:

      4. Resources
      "I read How Editors Think in one sitting and was engaged from beginning to
      end. It is well written, highly informative, and humorous—I found myself
      laughing out-loud in a few spots! Thanks for sharing the secrets of the trade."
      —Mayra Lazara Dole, author of Down to the Bone

      Inspired by my experience as a former Simon & Schuster editor, How Editors
      Think: The Real Reason They Rejected You reveals what it really takes to get
      published. For more information, visit:
      Early bird discount registration: December 28
      This class will guide all types of medical professionals (doctors, nurses,
      researchers, aides, social workers, etc.) through the various skills needed
      to write and publish. For more information, visit http://tinyurl.com/7yrloo8
      Deadline: December 31
      Inspired by Cave Canem and Kundiman, CantoMundo is a three-day retreat
      that develops, sustains, and supports a diverse community of Latino poets.
      For more information, visit http://www.cantomundo.org/
      Deadline: January 7
      Kweli, a literary journal by and for writers of color, seeks stories, essays,
      and poems inspired or informed by the Occupy movement that began on
      Wall Street and spread to Main Streets across the country. Kweli pays the
      writers whose work it publishes. For more information, visit
      Deadline: January 16
      Gemini Ink, the only literary arts center in South Central Texas, seeks
      an ardent Executive/Artistic Director who can actively build on its mission
      to nurture writers and readers through literature and the related arts. For
      more information, visit http://geminiink.org/executive-artistic-director
      $41,300 FELLOWSHIP
      Deadline: January 17
      The University of East Anglia offers a fellowship including a $41,300
      stipend for a work that deals seriously with some aspect of life in the Far
      East. For more information, visit http://www.uea.ac.uk/lit/awards/wong
      Deadline: January 27
      Prose or poetry writers at any stage of their careers may apply; emerging
      writers are welcome. For more information, visit
      Deadline: February 1
      Rattle, a literary poetry journal, seeks poems of any style, length, or subject,
      but they must be written by poets who work or have worked in the field of
      law enforcement--police officers, sheriffs, investigators, jailers, etc. In
      addition, Rattle seeks essays on the relationship between law enforcement
      and poetry. For more information, visit http://rattle.com/blog/
      $7100 RESIDENCY
      Deadline: February 1
      The Japan-U.S. Friendship Commission offers a residency that includes a
      monthly stipend of approximately $7100 to published U.S. poets, fiction
      writers, and creative nonfiction writers to live in Japan and pursue creative
      projects. For more information, visit
      Deadline: February 1
      The Robert F. Kennedy Book Award honors the book that most faithfully
      and forcefully reflects Robert Kennedy's concern for the poor and
      powerless. For more information, visit
      To get rid of an annoying ex friend, Julia Mendoza begs a complete
      stranger to pretend he's her boyfriend without recognizing the cheeky
      surfer as the Augustine Heir. From her first meeting with Christophe
      Augustine, life takes a sudden detour from her workaholic agenda much
      to the delight of her boisterous family. To learn more, and to arrange
      author interviews, visit http://www.suzanbattah.com/. Reviewers who
      actively review books in Spanish and/or English on Amazon, GoodReads,
      or blogs may contact the author at suzanbpr@... to receive a
      coupon for a free e-book from Smashwords. Queries regarding subsidiary
      or translation rights should be directed to contact@...
      Please forward Latinidad® widely.
      For more resources, visit http://www.marcelalandres.com/resources.html
      Want to see your announcement in an upcoming issue of Latinidad®? Just
      e-mail me at marcelalandres@...
      You are welcome to reprint part or all of this ezine; please credit
      Latinidad® and include a link to http://www.marcelalandres.com/
      Visit http://groups.yahoo.com/group/marcelalandres/
      "A book is a gift you can open again and again."--Garrison Keillor

      Latinidad® © 2003 by Marcela Landres

      Marcela Landres
      Author of the e-book "How Editors Think: The Real Reason They Rejected You"
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