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415Live Podcast Interview with BlogTalkRadio.com, 8/17

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  • desi
    Aug 15, 2012
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      Live Podcast Interview with BlogTalkRadio.com, 8/17

      WHAT: Armando F. Sanchez, Executive Producer and Host, 
      BlogTalkRadio.com, will interview Editorial Consultant Marcela Landres.
      Discussion will include how she helps writers in general and Latino
      writers in particular get published, as well as the upcoming Comadres
      and Compadres Writers Conference which will provide Latino writers
      with access to published Latino authors as well as agents and editors
      who have a proven track record of publishing Latino writers. For more
      information about the conference, visit:


      WHO: Marcela Landres is the author of the e-book How Editors Think:
      The Real Reason They Rejected You, publishes the award-winning
      e-zine Latinidad, and is an Editorial Consultant who helps writers get
      published by editing their work and educating them on the business
      side of publishing. A member of the Women's Media Group, she has
      acted as a judge for the PEN/Beyond Margins Award, and was formerly
      an editor with Simon & Schuster. For more information, visit:


      WHEN: Friday, August 17, Noon EST

      LISTEN: Dial 347-826-9104. If you miss the live broadcast, you can
      catch the recording by visiting:


      QUESTIONS: Armando F. Sanchez, Lsacnational@...

      Wishing you peace,
      Marcela Landres
      Author of the e-book "How Editors Think: The Real Reason They Rejected You"