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  • Michael J. Moretti
    Jul 14, 2013



      Thank you for the reply. Chris, I’m curious. There was a Scarlato family associated with my Great Grandfather Ferdinando Cosentino. On one of his last trips through Ellis Island he referenced a brother-in-law and the address 543 Second Street in Lackawanna, New York. That address belonged to a Joseph Scarlato family. On an earlier trip to Chicago, there is a young Scarlato boy, 12 yrs, on the manifest right next to Ferdinando’s name. My hypothesis is that he may have been escorting the boy to Chicago, but I have no evidence of this. The boy’s first name is not intelligible. I was able to find a Salvatore Scarlato family in Chicago, but no other connection.


      Does any of this mean anything to you (or anyone else receiving this). It would be nice to be able to piece all of this together for my research.


      Michael Moretti


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      We were there last October to visit San sistp and San Vincenzo which are just next to marano m and pp all really part of the same area we stayed in the city of cosenza

      At the former holiday inn which is now the

      Italian hotel the front desk personnel spoke

      English. We stopped in the village but didn't find anyone that spoke English.

      Beautiful area though.


      Chris scarlato Urfer

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      Hi Michael,


      My experience in 3 trips to Italy -- the last one in 2012 -- is that more Italians, especially the younger generation (I am 69) speak English. This is most true in areas that tourists visit. But Cosenza , and certialy Marano M. and P. aren't big tourist attractions. I assume most hotels in Cosenza will have English-speaking staff, but I don't know that. Usually there is someone in each town who speaks a little English, and if you go into Marano M. or P., you could go to the local bar (coffee shop) or town hall and say you're the grandson of Giacinto Moretti or _?_ Cosentino, and that will give you more legitimacy and a relative would be more quick to locate a paesan' who speaks some English. Or do you have relatives there that your family has been in touch with? If so, you could write/e-mail them in basic  Italian and explain what you need. I found that most Italians are cordial when they see that you are trying to speak their language, no matter how poorly you are doing so. I usually pay someone to have a few 1-on-1 tutoring sessions just before I go to Italy.
      I have relatives in Marano P. and nearby Rende, and I woman speaks English. But I would have to contact her to see if she would be willing to help you. What exactly are you looking for? --someone to translate for you as you do research on your family, or to find and talk with relatives, or something else? You can phone me at 823-8365.

      By the way, I am now in Lackawanna and will be coordinating a two day program at the Lake Erie Italian club this coming week end. See the attached,



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      I will be in Italy for business in two weeks and am planning a vacation tour of Italy around the business trip. I will be in the country from July 25th to August 2nd, starting in Milan and working my way down through Florence, Rome, and Naples. I plan to be in Casenza on or about August 30 and 31 and am planning to visit Marano Marchesato and Marano Principato. I have heard that English is difficult in Marano M and P, but does anyone know how I will do with English in Casenza?

      Also, any other advice or recommendations would be really appreciated.

      Michael Moretti

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