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22God & the Malayali

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  • shabeer ali
    Aug 4 2:51 AM

      God & a Malayali  

      A poor Mallu in Kerala having no money, no home and a blind old mother plans to change his life and starts praying day and night to God for years together.
      Finally one day God happy with his prayers, appears before him!
      God:   "Son, i'm truly pleased with your determination and confidence in me... I see you have something in mind... But my condition is that i can grant you ONLY ONE wish! So choose wisely and wish for something that is most important you....."
      The Mallu (shrewd and intelligent as always) thinks for a moment and says he is ready to make his wish.
      God asks him to go ahead and make a wish......
      The Mallu with a huge Colgate smile says........ ......... ......... .

         "God, my only wish is that you Bless my mother to stand on the terrace of our 10-storey mansion and see my beautiful loving wife and 15 servants playing in our 40 acre coconut garden below with our 5 healthy children wearing Diamond bangles!"

      God stares at him, completely dumbfounded:
         Damn!!!!!  I still have a LOT to learn from these Mallus......

       So moral of story, What have you learned today?
       If a Mallu puts his mind to it... HE CAN DO ANYTHING!!
      (Believe it or Not! When Neil Armstrong went to the moon he was shocked to see a mallu standing there with a chai shop....see pic)

      Mallu Facts:
      There is a small state, towards the south of India, called
      Kerala, The GOD's own country. The people of that state speak the language Malayalam (The only language in the world which sounds like the sound of a huge rock being thrown around a narrow tunnel). The people are known mostly as Malayalis or Mallu's in short, rather than Keralites.
      They have become the major work force in many countries, from CEOs to common labourers. The only place in the world they do NOT work at all is.... (you guessed it)- Kerala!





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