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MAP #302-3 Featured Poetry Supplement Theme: Why Did The Chicken?

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  • Stazja
    Map of Austin Poetry #302-3 Featured Poetry Supplement Theme: Why did the chicken? Upcoming themes: #302-4 - Feet Send poems to stazja@aol.com in body of e
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      Map of Austin Poetry #302-3
      Featured Poetry Supplement
      Theme: Why did the chicken?

      Upcoming themes:
      #302-4 - Feet

      Send poems to stazja@... in body of e mail, left justified. No
      fancy fonts or colors, please. No attachments. On subject line, note
      the issue number and theme. Include permission to publish and
      attestation of authorship. Poets retain all rights.

      Thanks for all the birthday wishes!

      This week's selections include.

      1. Why Is It? by Thom the World Poet
      2. It's All In The Name - Part 4 by Barbara Youngblood Carr
      3. One Question by Michael Levy
      4. Why did the chicken? by Jerry Silverberg
      5. Rosa's Little Cock by Su Falcon

      1. Why Is It? by Thom The World Poet

      that when eye buy 12 pieces of chicken
      they never add up to one whole one?

      © 2004 Thom the World Poet
      2. It's All In The Name - Part 4
      (Another Chicken Poem) by Barbara Youngblood Carr

      On the road to Oklahoma,
      Land where my ancestors came from
      There's a lotta funny names along the way.
      There are towns and there are joints,
      Billboards making all their points,
      Helping me to laugh out loud to make my day!

      Like when we pass by Lake Eufala
      There's a road called Lottawatah
      And I swear to you that this is not a lie!
      A nearby café says for just two dollah
      You getta lotta enchilada
      And I wonder if they have an open mike!

      A Gene Autry song says
      "Way out yonder in the Indian Nations
      I ride my pony on the reservations
      In them Oklahoma hills where I was born."
      But now without no reservation
      With a car my transportation
      There's no lack of humor here
      For me to mourn!

      `Cause I've got my own two dollah
      To get my lotta enchilada
      When I turn off on that road
      Called Lottawatah
      On the edge of Lake Eufala –
      Perhaps a trail that once
      Was traveled by the Joads!

      As I drive by Lake Eufala
      Down the road called Lottawatah –
      In my state of jubilation
      Near ancestral reservations
      I will sing and I will yodel really loud!
      I will chant and I will holler
      As I spend my last two dollah.
      Hope nobody beats me to it –
      Yodeling so all can hear it –
      `Cause I'll do it with my car winders
      Rolled down.

      I thought I'd done seen everything
      In all them other towns –
      `Till I passed by Lake Eufala
      Near a road named Lottawatah
      Where I spent my last two dollah
      For a lotta enchilada.

      And at that place there named by Okies –
      When first prize goes out for hokey –
      I admit that they's the ones
      Deserve the crown!
      And as for why did the chicken cross the road
      On this path once traveled by the Joads?
      Probably because it saw that for two dollah
      It could get a lotta enchilada –
      So it jumped off a chicken truck
      And lightened up the load!
      YEE! HAH!

      © 2004 Barbara Youngblood Carr
      3. One Question by Michael Levy

      Anyway; whatever the outcome
      of our open debate
      on why the kosher chicken crossed the road
      I still wish you all the best
      with your single minded
      atheistic vision of life
      feel free to voice your opinion
      don't be afraid to share your skeptical views
      with other people
      even though you say there is no supreme power
      and everything is "by chance"
      you deserve your voice to be heard
      liberation of the vernacular
      a licence for freedom and liberty
      But I must ask......
      Why don't you go out when its lightening?

      © 2004 Michael Levy
      4. Why did the chicken? by Jerry Silverberg

      I found a chicken.
      It crosses the road.
      I ask it "Why?"
      It says, "I may explode."

      "Explode" I ask.
      "Why will you explode"
      The chicken in question
      croak's like a toad.
      "Because, because." It sighs.
      "Because, why?" I inquire with big eyes
      to look down a bumpy road.

      Around the far bend
      not far from my abode
      a mindless chicken crosses a private road.
      "OH!" I say.
      "You don't have right of way."
      "Why do you cross my road?"
      Silence delivers time like a delicious load
      of drum sticks and wings to fry.
      Suddenly, a cars bumper spends tail
      to pluck an end with a finger lickin cry,

      "I told that foolish chicken
      not to cross my path
      or it will be my hero
      if it didn't do the math.
      One of two chickens who try this run
      supply me with drum sticks
      that help me sing in the sun.

      Explode it does with taste and fury.
      An ignorant chicken in haste
      keeps a date with nice curry
      and rice on its weigh to being a star
      who trespasses across a forked menu of road.

      Moral of this sad tale of woe
      take your time when things might blow
      look both ways when you cross a tight street
      don't be foul mouthed or a chicken with quick feet.
      If a feeling sickens you into the need to explode,
      control a hot temper before you speed across any road
      that may turn you into a main dish or vegetable .

      © 2004 Jerry Silverberg
      5. Rosa's Little Cock by Su Falcon

      "I'm glad you're such a little cock,"
      Said Rosa to her rooster bird.
      "If you were big, I'd have to take
      You walking on a leather leash.
      But since you're small, I'll stuff you in
      My pocket as we stroll the beach."
      She did just that, but took him out
      To sit with her upon a rock,
      And as they smelled the breaking waves
      She fondly fondled little cock.
      "Advantages to being small,"
      She told him in her satisfaction,
      "Are movement in a confined space,
      Variety in all your action."
      Little cock then raised his head,
      He crowed his love and admiration.
      Rosa smiled and kissed his head.
      "You're big in my imagination!"

      © 2004 Su Falcon
      Grateful thanks to all who contributed.

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