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Bookworld.com targeting authors.

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  • Bruce Atchison - author
    Greetings; I googled the number on my call display after getting a suspicious call from a telemarketer. Here s what I found.
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      I googled the number on my call display after getting a suspicious call from
      a telemarketer. Here's what I found.


      Did you get a call from 877-207-1679? Read the posts below to find out
      details about this number. Also report unwanted calls to help identify who
      is using this phone number.

      Comments about 8772071679 number:
      Rating: 0 Paul - 5 Jun 2009
      a Ms. Lee Anderson called asking for my daughter by name. She said my
      daughter wrote a book and wanted to talk to her. Later I checked with my
      daughter and that was not the case. Ms Lee Anderson asked for a cell number
      but I declined to give her it.
      Caller ID: Unknown name
      Rating: 0 Stewie - 28 Jul 2009
      Someone called our number and asked my daughter to talk to me. Said that he
      wanted to talk with Miss. Stewart about the book she wrote. I did write two
      books but I am a man. He said he was from Book World and my daughter said
      he had broken english. His ext was 308 with the same number above.
      Caller: Book World
      Rating: 0 Perunest - 2 Aug 2009
      A Lee Anderson called three times while I was away and left messages on my
      home answering service. She said she wanted to talk to me about my
      newly-published book, and she mentioned it by name (I do have such a book
      published). I decided to research the name and number on line and I'm glad I
      did - just another scam, I suppose.
      Caller ID: Unavailable (877-207-1679)
      Rating: 0 Bruce Atchison - a few seconds ago
      At 5:55 MDT on August 21, 2009, somebody named Lee Anderson called, asking
      about my Deliverance from Jericho book. Thinking she was a potential
      customer, I told her a bit about it. She asked what other books I'd written
      and I told her about When a Man Loves a Rabbit. Then the pitch started.
      She said that for $500, she could get my book advertisment to 50,000 e-mail
      addresses. She also assured me that all of those folks had opted in. After
      hyping Bookworld.com for about 10 minutes, she asked for my e-mail address.
      I refused to give it and hung up.
      Caller ID: 877-207-1679
      Caller: Bookworld.com
      Caller Type: Telemarketer


      Bruce Atchison - author of Deliverance from Jericho (Six Years in a Blind
      School) and When a Man Loves a Rabbit ((Learning and Living With Bunnies).

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