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  • Al McCartan
    Yes Vernon I had my Vibration s muted. In fact I left the offending little dickens in my hotel room, purposely. Manhattan hit the western Sydney city of
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 1, 2005
      Yes Vernon I had my Vibration s muted. In fact I left the offending
      little dickens in my hotel room, purposely.

      Manhattan hit the western Sydney city of Penrith, Wednesday, August
      They Whopped us, bopped us, emoted us, reminisced with us and made
      the little ol' Evans Theatre, situ, in the famous (well, in NSW)
      Penrith Panthers Football Club, rock with that MT special sound.

      Now, being the jaded ol' cyncical journo that I am, I didnt expect
      everything to go perfectly. So, here's a couple of negatives.

      1. I'm crooked on the publicist for not giving we county media folk
      the opportunity to meet with any of the group members, OI was wanting
      a little radio interview. Whoever managed the Group's visit to the
      Golden West sequestered them to the nth degree. Someone must have
      gotten the impression that Alan, Cheryl, Janis and Tim would be
      swamped by over eager fans on arrival in Sydney. No way. We of the
      MT persuasion are a sedate bunch, that is until we get into the

      "Sorry, no interviews," was the curt reply to my request. "No, VIP
      passes either."

      2. I feel the sound in theatre was not tailored to suit its size.
      Because of this, the words were muffled and we lost some of the
      beauty of Janis' solo.

      That folks, are the negatives.

      From the moment that Yaron Gershovsky introduced the group to Penrith
      we were treated its best. A tad different from Vernon's (NZ)
      program, but the guys hit us with everything we've come to love.
      We stomped over Four Brothers, clapped, sang and cheered our way
      through The Boy from New York City. Fell silent and drunk in every
      word of Tim's Embraceable You.
      Yaron led the music and his band as usual did justice to the concert

      Janis' version of Doing was so in tune with instruments that I was
      hard pitched trying to work ouit of she was scatting or doing a
      superb imitation of a muted trumpet. Alan and Cheryl put in the
      million dollars worth - Cheryl a tad (and I don't blame her one bit)
      PO'd (her words)that her latest album had not yet been released in
      Australia - hoever the compensation came in the form of two goodies
      from the MT's latest Album, the title track Vibrates. Yes! it got
      a giggle when Tim gave us its introduction, and yes, Rufus Wainwright
      did right in giving TMT the opportunity to do his song. The new
      JuJu (Tutu) went over like a treat.

      Janis then sprung a surprise on us by introducing Jane Rutter,
      Australia' best jazz flautist. Janie ble3nded her talents in with
      the Transfer for a couple of oldies such as Candy. That, I guess was
      interview. Then on, it was pute vintage Transfer. Birdland, Trickle
      Trickle, Java Jive, operator.

      Too soon it was over, we stood, cheered and yelled untiul they came
      back again. I knew TMT would not let me down. Chanson d'amour and

      A highlight was a young (17) guy who asked Alan at the end of the
      show to have two of his dad's (vinyl) albums signed by the group.
      They were. I spoke to him afterwards and asked him why a guy of his
      vintage loved the music of my era. He replied that TMT was virtually
      cradle songs to him. His lovely girlfriend said she was rapt and
      both headed for the table to buy a couple of CDs.

      Like a good dinner, we were satisfied but still wanting that little
      bit more.

      Sydney Opera House should Vibrate (pun intended) tonight and tomorrow.
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