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TMT in Joliet Ill, 4/30

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  • Springer,James C.(NXI)
    Howdy all, Just saw the group perform last night at the Rialto theater in Joliet. (Close to Statesville prison for you Blues Brothers fans .... LOL!!) I want
    Message 1 of 2 , May 1, 2000
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      Howdy all,

      Just saw the group perform last night at the Rialto theater in Joliet.
      (Close to Statesville prison for you Blues Brothers fans .... LOL!!)

      I want to extend a thank you to Jerry Williams, who's playlist that he
      posted (and had on a web-site) I'll borrow since it's very close to what
      they performed last night. (I didn't take notes, but it all came back to me
      looking at his list <g>)

      Last night's (4/30) show:

      Four Brothers
      Sing a Study in Brown
      Charleston Alley
      A-Tisket, A-Tasket
      Java Jive
      My Foolish Heart
      Cheryl's Solo- (From her Mr. Porter album, Just One Of Those Things)
      Choo Choo Ch' Boogie
      It's Good Enough To Keep (Air Mail Special)
      Clouds (Nuage)
      Shaker Song
      The Quietude
      Tim's Solo - Heart Strings
      Heart's Desire
      Route 66, Swing-ized version (Encore)


      General comments. The group, as always, gave an energetic performance. Since
      seeing them almost a year ago at the Park West, I've got to say the mix was
      technically better though there were a couple of occasions where it seemed
      Cheryl's mic was too low (and my wife thought the same of Tim's,) but over
      all, sonically much better than the Park West.

      I really enjoyed hearing the group do the Lamberts Hendricks and Ross tune
      of Charleston Alley. It would be nice to hear them do other covers of their
      stuff ... this was really a very well done piece. Also, what a gorgeous
      harmony they had on My Foolish Heart (a tribute to Tony Bennett) ... I'd
      love to have this one on CD. Cheryl's solo outing was fabulous as is her new
      CD (hint, hint ... buy this people!!)

      Personally, it was my first time seeing them live where they performed
      Shaker and material off Offbeat Of The Avenues (I saw them a few times in
      the late-80's and a couple of times in the past year.) I'm a big Spyro Gyra
      fan and started listening to Spyro around the same time as TMT so Shaker is
      a wonderful song in that vain for myself! And speaking of getting stuff on
      CD, I'd love to have the Swing-ized Route 66 on that disc with Charleston
      Alley and My Foolish Heart <g>

      Other in concert items of note were Tim's discussion of how he came upon
      Heart Strings. That he discovered a Milt Jackson (the vibraphonist)
      recording in a Japanese store. He was shocked to hear the singer actually
      was Milt. He loved this tune and is obviously performing it. He also used
      the story as a slight dig at the state of jazz appreciation in the States vs
      a foreign country, such as Japan. He noted how much more respect the
      Japanese seem to have for the art form. Also fun was Janis' bawdy joke
      about a nudist, coffee and donuts. Janis also wore an, er, unique
      "headpiece" she said was inspired by the Sears Tower and eventually Tim
      played ringtoss with it *LOL*

      Though Dana supplied me backstage passes, there was no real backstage to
      speak of, so a bunch of fans gathered in a side parking lot where the
      group's limos awaited. Unfortunately I forgot our camera (and CD booklets to
      sign) ... just call me absent-minded. Regardless, I mentioned to each member
      that I really enjoyed their show. I asked Tim how the new album was coming.
      It is still the Louis tribute <g> and that they hadn't recorded anything yet
      but were due to start on the 5th. Don't be looking for the album around Aug
      or Sept though. I asked if he thought they'd get a bigger promotional boost
      than the last time for Swing. At this point he said "who knows" and that he
      really doesn't worry about it. I asked Janis if she was planning any more
      work with Fred Hersch and she mentioned doing some stuff for "The Ultimate
      Mancini" (which, Dana, I believe you mentioned in the past but I had
      forgotten about.) She didn't know when it would be released however. I also
      mentioned to Cheryl how I really have enjoyed her Cole Porter album. She
      mentioned she is still doing the live show, and for those of you in the
      Chicago area, she mentioned she has her radar set on doing a performance in
      the area ... but there is nothing concrete on that. Unfortunately I didn't
      get a chance to talk to Alan about his doing the "Ultimate Anita O'Day"
      package (would have like to have gotten his recommendations on recordings to
      purchase <g>)

      It was a very enjoyable concert and evening. I was very happy to see the
      members again and even if it was brief, to meet Janis and Cheryl this time
      out (they weren't around at the Park West afterwards.) I've gathered a lot
      of Janis' outings with other groups/collaborations over time (thanks for the
      discography Dana!) and it's wonderful to actually meet and talk (albeit
      briefly) with people you've been following for 20 years and have so enjoyed.
      I hope the rest of you get an opportunity to see the group live ... they are
      quite amazing.

    • jeff@stonerandstoner.com
      Thanks for the board. Just got on, though I ve been a fan for about 15 years (and 8 concerts). I used to be in a group that covered TMT tunes, and it wasn t
      Message 2 of 2 , May 1, 2000
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        Thanks for the board. Just got on, though I've been a fan for about 15
        years (and 8 concerts). I used to be in a group that covered TMT tunes, and
        it wasn't easy.

        Now for my "dummy" question....I used to own a disk of Janis/Fred. It had a
        song about strawberries on it (Love is Like Strawberries???). I believe I
        made the ultimate mistake of letting someone borrow it, but it apparently is
        GONE FOR GOOD.

        In looking to replace it, it seems to be out of print. Does anyone have any
        info on where i may obtain a replacement copy?

        Thanks again for the board.
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