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  • yzorio@a-vip.com
    Hello everybody! Great news! I ve just received the A Tribute to Carpenters CD (King Records - KICP 655 - 2,854 yens) and found that Janis ability to
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 2, 1998
      Hello everybody!

      Great news! I've just received the "A Tribute to
      Carpenters" CD (King Records - KICP 655 - 2,854 yens) and found that Janis'
      ability to deliver a song -as well as her perfect choice of material- continue
      to amaze me!

      The second track on the album is "Only Yesterday", a mid-tempo tune in which
      Janis is helped in backing vocals by the NY Voices Kim Nazarian, Peter Eldridge,
      Lauren Kinhan and Marlon Saunders, and that also provides her opportunity to
      show her low register; but I must say that I truely fell in love with her
      rendition of "Crescent Moon" (trk. 7), off the famous 1971 album "Close To You".
      The first lines remind me -in a way- of "Eleanor Rigby" because of the
      omnipresence of a nostalgic accordion, then the mood turns into a soft jazzy
      ballad (piano, bass, drums) but never leaves the quiet presence of nature (a
      brook can be heard in the background). No wonder Janis insisted, "If I do not
      get to sing CS, I am not participating in this project!" (boy, was she right!).

      One of the drawbacks of this edition is that the cover and inner sleeve
      spell her surname erroneously as "Seigel", and in the liner notes as well,
      but all the same you can say is a round album and a well deserved tribute.

      If anybody wishes to have a scan of the cover & sleeve, please let me know, OK?

      >I'm not sure if I'm replying correctly either. Maybe Jolly could send
      >directions on how to use the mailing list, just to clarify.
      Yes, thanks for the tip! I've corrected the welcome message and added the
      posting address: mantran@onelist.com .

      >I was interested in anyone out there who knows how one can get hold of a CD
      >version of The Manhattan Transfer Live - Recorded in 1978?? It is not
      >released in America and many are clamoring for it!!!
      As far as I know (someone correct me if I'm wrong), the 1978 Live album has not
      been issued on CD. But I still wonder about "Experiment in White"... I only have
      the Argentinean edition of the LP.

      >Perhaps there is someone in Europe or Japan that are on this list that would
      >be willing to help us with this??
      Ditto! Can someone help us out with this one? Dana, maybe? Thanks!

      See you soon!

      Jolly - List Manager
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